Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look What I Found!

Well, I didn’t really “find” these, I knew where they were all the time. But because I am going through some stuff and “right sizing” I thought, before I pack them away in a box, I would show you some of the favorite books that the progeny and I read when they were growing up. Don’t panic progeny, I am not getting rid of these, I am just packing them up.

Television was pretty strictly monitored when the progeny were growing up, they had an hour or so a day at one point I think. They went outside to play. I didn’t care if they got dirty. I didn’t really care if they dug holes in the ground and “planted” a garden with the weeds that they dug up from some place else. I didn’t care that they left the garden hose running so that the water ran down the driveway and out to the street so that they could “drown out” the ants. I cared that they were outside playing and not parked in front of the electronic babysitter.

The other thing that we did a lot of is read books. You can’t tell me that you are surprised about that are you? Hello!

Here are some of our favorites from years past. We can all quote various lines from these at the drop of a hat.

IMG_4551I found the first of these “Little Miss” and “Little Mr.” books at a local discount store. I believe Mr. Messy was our first one. Once we had one then we needed more. I went back the next day and bought all the different titles that they had. HHBL and I agree that our favorite has always been Little Miss Chatterbox. She just reminded us of someone…….who could that be? Cartoon Girl.

 IMG_4553 These books are sort of the least beat up of the Little Golden Books that we owned. Some of them have been loved til they are tattered and worn. And isn’t that just what a children’s book would want don’t you think? We also had a video that about the characters from the Little Golden Books. I think that they had to save Harbor Town. Again, we can quote and often do quote lines from that video.

“Harbor Town would be flooooooooded”
”Tawny, Scrawny Lion will overcome alllllllllll obsticles”

IMG_4556 These are such sweet books. I actually had to sit down and read them again today. Wish I could remember where I purchased them but that memory is long gone.

IMG_4558AAlpha Male what are you doing and why haven’t you fed me my wonderful meat and sawdust nuggets bathed in warm tap water?

IMG_4561See what I mean about loving them to pieces. This happens to be The Cat and the Hat Comes Back.

By the way Deb, nice Bokeh if I do say so myself. Patting self on back.

IMG_4566AAnd then there was the ever popular Millie’s Secret. “Shhhhhh, Millie’s got a secret”. I hate to break it to you but after about the 1000th read the secret got a bit old. The dog was having puppies. There now you know and you don’t have to go out and get the book. This wasn’t my particular favorite but it was a hit with the progeny.

IMG_4567Oh yes, we loved the one and read it over and over and over and over……….
IMG_4569AAnd this was our favorite line.

 IMG_4570And finally there were these. This is just a small, and I do mean small, sampling of the Mercer Mayer books that we have. I love these.

Well now I may have to just sit down and read through some of these for old times sake.

Happy times my friends, happy times.

What were your favorite books when you were growing up? 


  1. Oh Mercer Mayer!!

    My FIL used to read Mr. Strong to my husband and his siblings when they were growing up. He did this weird voice. Every now and then they are like, "Dad! Do the Strong voice!"

  2. Ahhh, Little Miss and Mr. books. I bought a ton of them on Amazon last year for Jenna (even though she was soon to be a teenager). And we loved the Mercer Mayer books as well. Jenna's favorite series growing up was Junie B. Jones. (We were just talking about them the other day.) Kristen loved Curious George. The only books I remember from my childhood were the Christmas books my mom brought out every year. We read and re-read them the whole Christmas season long. And then I eventually read them to my girls.

  3. Oh, how we loved Mercer Mayer. But there were many favorites. Our son is nearly 28 and I don't think I could ever bring myself to parting with those special ol' books. And who knows, there might be a grandkid or two miraculously appear in years to come. I can hope :) -Tammy p.s. Nice bokeh, indeed!

  4. The book I loved reading to my daughter was "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now." by Seuss.

    Second favorite was Peter Rabbit.

  5. I Wish I Had Duck Feet, Snow!, and most of all, Go, Dog, Go! -- "do you like my hat?", "no, I do not", "Goodbye", "Goodbye".

  6. Thanks for sharing that Debbie ~ makes me smile to think of my kiddos all grown up and still treasuring the books we have read through the years. Our special book is Barnyard Dance ~ I have read that about a bizillion times and just started reading it to Mercy the other day!

  7. I loved the Amelia Badelia series. Because my life did mirror hers at times. I also loved Shel Silverstein too. I just bought The Giving Tree at TJ Maxx the other day because I loved it so.

  8. There was this delightful story called "Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree". It was all in rhyme, and it featured a very large evergreen that is lopped off to fit in Mr. Willowby's mansion. The top, which gets ever smaller, is owned by the maid, a bear, a fox, and so on until the tiny tip of that big tree is decorated by a mouse family living right there in Mr. W's house. I loved this book when I was a child, and my own children loved it as well. I was thrilled to find it still in print, now with color added to the pen and ink drawings. I still like the original version best!


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