Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 in Pictorial Review

Yes, yes I know that it is like 5 days into the new year. So I am a bit slow on this. We had snow over the weekend (16 inches as of Monday morning) and I was dazzled by it’s brightness and I had to get the Christmas decorations down and then my knitting group came over and there was a wedding dress fitting in there and……I just didn’t post it until today.

So here is our year in review in pictures. Try not to get too bored. And I apologize for it’s length.

IMG_8799 We went to Florida and had and encounter with an angry alligator. He expected food but the guide didn’t think it would be a good idea to throw HHBL overboard.



Shoe Queen was in Beauty and the Beast. Hmmm, I think I have seen that expression before!

Meg,Josh and RingAWe had an engagement happen. Aren’t they so cute!!

The BowWe had one progeny graduate from college. Yes that is Cartoon Girl in the middle taking a bow. Remember this was art school. They are a bit more “free form” than say….Harvard.

Beth Graduation 1

We had the last progeny graduate from High School. How can my baby be that old? We were babies when we had her, babies I tell ya!

IMG_1279 HHBL played baseball all summer and didn’t break anything which made me VERY happy.

Timpanogos Cave


Balloon IMG_0822
We attended a family reunion, did fun things, saw strange people doing odd dances. The usual.

FriendsWe had fun with friends, listened to music under the stars and ate good food.


I was made to go and see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at midnight. It was a wrench but someone had to make sure these girls stayed in line.


I went on a lovely long bike ride with HHBL and I survived and even had a smile on my face at the end. My bahookee hasn’t been the same since but I can live with that.

IMG_1583 We had some sorrow mixed with knowing that we are not forever parted. How sweet will be the reunion in heaven when I see my Auntie Jane again.

IMG_2069AWe sent our last progeny off to college where she has taken the world by storm. She occasionally calls home. We occasionally answer…….just kidding.

IMG_2367A We took time out to gaze on some lovely cow butts. It was excellent, if a bit fragrant.

IMG_3491A IMG_3755A

We took a trip to Africa and had a blast and saw a lot and were touched beyond measure


HHBL played baseball in Florida in November and didn’t break anything and didn’t take a baseball to the head(that has happened before). I was thankful. I watched A LOT of baseball and ate A LOT of stuff from Dunkin Donuts.

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with having all of the progeny and TASiL here to eat us out of house and home, to play Mah Jongg marathons, to cook Indian food and just to be together.

I wonder what 2010 will bring (beside that wedding, a pesky birthday and a special anniversary). I can hardly wait.


  1. LOVE the year in review! I had grand plans to do that too, but...it was hard work, and there were things in 2009 I didn't want to revisit anyway. I'm so glad HHBL was concussion-free all year! :-)

  2. You had to do Harry Potter...mine was Spiderman...in 3-D!

    Yah. Grown men *really do* dress up. Scary.

  3. Merry New Year to you and yours, Deb. Love the family picture too. There will be a lot of happenings this year for sure!

  4. Great pictures! I loved this week's You Capture! Your family is beautiful and your photos reflect the beautiful fun you must all have together :)

  5. What a wonderful year and a beautiful family. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  6. What a beautiful year in review! I love your pictures. That picture of her college room brought back so many memories : ) Wow. Hope this year is wonderful for you too!


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