Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday Cartoon Girl!

Today is Cartoon Girl's 23rd birthday. How can that be!! Where has the time gone?

How can she have gone from this:

to this in such a short time.

She has a wicked sense of humor. Here she is "taking a bow" at her graduation along with several friends. Individuality was encouraged at SVA. We saw a fair amount of individuality expressed at graduation. Thank goodness everyone had clothes on.

She is a fantastic artist and illustrator. This is her "portrait" of The Engaged One and the Almost Son-in-Law for Christmas last year. I think it captures them completely. I wish I had other artwork handy but you can go to her website here and take a look.

We are proud of her individuality, her frugalness (the kid can make a penny squeak), her "adultness" if I can coin a word. She is responsible, reliable, humorous, beautiful.

Happy Birthday Cartoon Girl. Go out and have that Hostess Cupcake and a cup of coffee. We love you!!!



    (I'm yelling really loud again today since I know you're all the way in NYC.)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday...great art work! I'll have to show my husband, he works in animation.


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