Friday, December 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 49)

I found these videos while reading on the blog. I am totally enamored with Clara and her Depression era cooking. Some of the dishes remind me of the things that my Grandma Pringle made when I was growing up. The videos were produced starting when Clara was 91 and ending when she was 94!! She is just so cute I want to take her home with me.

Ummmmmm, I was looking at the movies that are in the theaters at the moment, thinking about actually going to see something and I saw this little phrase:

No Children Under Age 6 Will Be Admitted To Any R-Rated Feature After 6:00 PM.

Ummm.........HELLO??? Would it not seem to any person with at least half a brain that children under 6 should never be admitted to an R-rated feature. That also goes for kids under 15 in my opinion no matter how "mature" you think they are. Who brings their child to an R-rated feature in the first place. Please do not give me the line "we just don't have a baby sitter available." I have one word for you.....


Reminder to self. When making The Pioneer Woman's Pico de Gallo recipe, do not breathe deeply especially when you are in the midst of dicing up the jalapenos. It.Is.Not.A.Good.Thing.

Also, I just have to say that I could eat Pico de Gallo every day and it would make me supremely happy. Pico on eggs, Pico on bread with butter, Pico with homemade tortilla chips. Oh Lord in Heaven that stuff is good.

I need to go to the store to get more Pico de Gallo supplies because.....I ate all of it.

Have you noticed that I have been a tad short on posting lately?

Hello?......tapping on glass....

Is anyone out there? Does anyone read this small slice of knitdom?

I have been in a blogging funk lately but I am working my way out of it. Perhaps it is that there is very little sun outside. Perhaps it is that I have other things to do with my knit Christmas presents...... I have no clue.

I have lots of things swirling around in my head I am just having trouble getting them to travel down from my little gray cells to the ends of my fingers. But I'm baby steppin', I'm doing the work!

One of the things that changes when all of your children are out of the house is that there is no one that I can make ask to help me decorate the tree. The progeny used to put all the ornaments on the tree for me but now I have to do it myself. Rats. It looks great when the tree is all done but it is just to doing that I don't like. And the taking down!!!

What kind of ornaments to you put up on your tree? Our ornaments all have some memory attached to them and that is what I love. I promise that next week I will do a post on some of our favorites (I know that will be boring for you but....this is my blog so tough!). As you pull them out and hang them on the tree you can think about the person that made them for you or the time that you got them or whatever. It just makes me happy to see all of them on the tree. And now that we don't have any more cats, sniff, I don't worry that some of the more "tempting" ornaments have to be hung way high up so as not to tempt little feline brains.

And since we are in the Christmas tree vein........

Real or fake?

I meant TREES and not...not.....female anatomy!

We have a non-living Christmas tree that resides in a box in the basement for 11 months of the year. We have talked before about actually getting a real tree but Cartoon Girl is horrified by the prospect of something that is so large and flammable is much easier to get the tree out of the basement.

I am a lazy bum. But at least my Christmas tree doesn't lose it's needles all over the floor.


  1. LOLOLOL I have had an artificial tree for almost 40 years--except for one year and that is the year we came home and caught someone loading up one of our blue spruces they had chopped down--they took off and left it behind--needless to say it was pretty fresh--not yet shedding needles when we took it out of the house. The reason though for artificial is that my ex would never let me turn the lights on on the live ones. My ornaments--just like yours--special special special!!

  2. Why don't I have a Grandma Clara - too sweet!

  3. I solved the Christmas tree problem when I found a 3-footer at a yard sale. It is tiny so the ornaments I've selected are tiny (and permanently in place). When Christmas is over, I cover it with a large plastic bag and tote it to the basement. Next year? Just uncover and set it up. I can put up my tree in three minutes time! YahOOOOO!

  4. I hope you get out of yor funk, you are so funny and I'd miss reading your blog.

  5. I don't like Pico... I SO wish I did. I just really hate cilantro. That's a problem when you live in Texas.

    Fake tree! All the way!

  6. We got a new "bottle brush" faux Christmas tree this year . . . and it also sheds "needles" which are little green pieces of plastic. How nostalgic.

  7. Hmmmmmm. Dad I don't ever recall that we had a real Christmas tree when I was growing up. Did we?

  8. We do a real tree. But sometimes I sigh and reflect on how nice it would be to have a fake one! Maybe when the kids get older and don't want that tree-farm cider-sippin' experience.
    Oh, and 6 year olds in an R rated movie???? That's awful! I don't even care for some of the G rated stuff made for my 3 year old! Sheesh.

  9. White Stone, I'm jealous! If my family would let me get away with it that's exactly what I'd do!

    I'm keeping Christmas very simple this year. I'm not even sending out cards for the first time ever.

  10. We have one of each -- 1 real and 1 fake tree. One to keep me happy & the other to keep the girls happy. Ornaments are important to me too. I just bought one this year of an old station wagon with a tree tied down on top. It'll always remind me of our ventures out to cut down that perfect (monster of a) tree. Not many years left of doing this though. (*Sigh*) I've started buying one ornament for each girl each year so they have some to take with them when they move out ... one memory per ornament.

  11. #2...I'm wondering why they included after 6pm, as in it's okay before 6pm???? I agree with Elle some of the G and PG stuff makes me cringe too. Crazy.

    #7 REAL!!! I had a fake tree growing up and it managed to get smaller and smaller every year. Now it's real, full bodied and smells wonderful. Of course, it helps that my husband has adept vacuuming skills. : )

  12. OMGosh, #2! My husband and I were just at a movie last week and that sign was up! I believe we made a comment tantamount to "If you bring your 6 year old child to an R rated movie at all you FAIL!"


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