Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Just Want To Squeeze Them!

As I have written before (<- a link), one of the excellent side benefits of having children is the extra kids that they bring into the family. In this particular instance my "Posse Daughters" Ahren, Whitney, Michelle, Clarice and Emily. This pile of shoes and boots always makes me happy because that means that The Posse have come to visit! It means Pizza and Pancakes. It means laughter and craziness. It means that I am happy. And yesterday was the day - night for the annual Posse Christmas Extravaganza.

I could hear them yucking it up in the basement like they were 12 or something. When I ventured down there with the trusty camera they had to have me take pictures like Ahren was flashing them. Have no fear, she was fully least I think she was.....but I didn't actually check.......I am sure that she was.......These girls do have a rather....unique sense of humor I have to say.

They hadn't been in the house for an hour and they had already opened their Christmas gifts to each other. Nothing like stretching the suspense out for, oh say, five seconds or so. I was invited to partake of some of the goodies. I use that word very loosely I might add. I am not sure that what I consumed down there was actually good.

Let me explain

I believe that these were some sort of Japanese kiwi gummy blobs. In just the right light they might look like miniature breast implants that have gone bad......not that I would know what those look like close up but I have watched enough "Dr. 90210" to get a fair picture. Whitney insisted that I needed to try one.

It tasted nothing like kiwi I can tell you. And it had the consistency of Gummy worms. I don't like gummy worms. I only had one.

And then there were these. I bet you can't guess what these are. Go ahead, guess. Well, if you are at all familiar with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe then you will know. These are Turkish Delight. This was a gift for Cartoon Girl from one of the other girls. CG insisted that I should have one. They looked promising you know, all covered with powdered sugar......

I picked one up.......bit into it.......of course had to take a picture of it after biting into it

This is my face after eating the piece of Turkish Delight. I do not look happy do I. I can tell you that it was a less than pleasant experience. The candy tasted like a combination of little old lady perfume and bad bathroom spray. Roses gone wild and not in a good way.

Oh my gosh! What is this?? It tastes awful!!

Oh, you must have gotten one of the rose ones. The lemon ones are really good.

Thanks for warning me. Edmund must have been nuts if he betrayed his family for these things!

Dinner was homemade pizza. I made 4 half-sheet pan sized pizzas....and we had three pieces left when all was said and done. They enjoy pizza. Then it was sit around and make Cartoon Girl laugh.....which Ahren does very well.

Daughter Whitney

Daughter Ahren explaining something

Caroon Girl laughing. I also think there was a snort involved.

And then they made me do "TimTam Slams". They made me I tell you. They said I had to do it. And lest you think there was alcohol involved...there was not. They may all be of legal drinking age but I am so not providing alcohol for them.

At any rate, and as I was saying....TimTam Slams. So Tim Tams are these chocolate covered cookies that I believe are made in Australian. They are yummy so I don't know what you have to go slamming them around. I mean what did they ever do to deserve such treatment?? They were just minding their own business on the shelf and....


Oh right. Sorry. SOOOOO to do a "Tim Tam Slam" you make some hot cocoa and put it in a mug, or in our case a pyrex dish. Then you take small bits out of opposite corners of the cookie, put one end of the cookie down into the cocoa and suck up the liquid through the cookie. The inside of the cookie is soft and the hot cocoa sort of melts it as it goes through. When you feel the cocoa on your lips you slam your head back, clutching the cookie between your burning lips and then swallow the soft and squishy cookie whole.

And why do they do this?

I have no earthly idea to be honest.

Well this is awkward
Keeping a soggy cookie between your lips as you throw your head back is harder than you think.
I was not successful at Tim Tam Slams
A messy business.

I am so glad that the Posse came to stay overnight and give me joy and laughs. But I think I can live without Tim Tam Slams.


  1. I only hope that some day when my kiddos are all grown up ~ their friends will come back to our house and fill it up with love and laughter too! I am very curious about the Tim Tam Slams though ~ sounds yummy, but messy.

  2. I agree with Hope -- I would love for my girls to bring their friends over and become part of the family.

    It makes me miss *my* posse :(

  3. It looks like you had a great time! I snickered when I got to the picture of Ashley laughing because before I read that she indeed snorted, I had already thought in my mind "Doooh, that's the face Ashley makes when she is about to snort." Ahhh, I miss your girls!

  4. Fun times!! How blessed you are to have the posse around for Christmas. A very merry Christmas to you and yours! -Tammy

  5. I didn't even know Turkish Delights were a real thing! And now to find they are gross...well, what a card Edmund was!!

    What a fun time with the posse. Tim Tam Slams look fun & scary at the same time. :o)


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