Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 51)

OK, so this whole Twitter thing is totally addictive, like I needed one more thing that has my ever expanding gluteus maximus sitting in my computer chair.

But let's get real here folks. I know that you can follow people like Al Gore (perish the thought) or Hugh Hefner (shudder) on Twitter but do you really think that they themselves are writing their tweets. I would bet some carbon credits that they are not. John I would bet not. Martha Stewart, nah she is too busy ordering her minions around.

I am also thinking that there are a lot of people who decide one day to open a Twitter account, write a few tweets and then just don't follow through anymore. As I follow more people I also tend to take a look at the people that they follow and I see a lot of accounts where the last tweet wasn't 6 hours ago but 6 months ago. I see that a great deal with blogging. I think that is because people assume that blogging is an easy thing to do, I know that is what I thought. But if you want to stick with it it takes some commitment.

You know that you are deeply into the yarn addiction when you look at a skein of yarn, a skein that is part mink and park cashmere, that is really very few ounces and that costs $19.95/skein and you think, "Hmmmm, that isn't bad at all. I think I can do that." Even though you know that the project that you are thinking about is going to take at least 4 skeins.

Deep into the addiction

OK, so again I have to extol the wonderfulness of Facebook. Besides the fact that I can make sure all of my "friends" know what I am doing and if doing that on Twitter wasn't enough, I can also chat with The Almost Son-in-Law real time as he is sitting at his parents Pakistan. Amazing.

I have to explain that TASiL is an MK or missionary kid for those who don't know that acronym. His parents are medical missionaries in Pakistan, as were his grandparents. He is currently visiting home base and waiting for The Engaged One to arrive. I am actually writing this on Tuesday and she is scheduled to get there Wednesday.

After I wrote those two paragraphs I have to add an edit. TEO arrived safe and sound in Islamabad after MANY hours of flying. When last we chatted she was snuggled up on the couch with TASiL. How sweet.

This should be listed under the heading "When You Turn Old and Don't Even Know It". HHBL called to tell me that when he went through the drive through at McD's for a cup of coffee they charged him .50. When he pulled around to pay he told the window girl that he thought it should be more and that she had undercharged him (I love that about HHBL, he is always honest). Her reply was,

"I charged you the Senior price."

He wasn't sure what to say about that since he is less than a month into his fifth decade but he did call me to tell me that it was blog worthy....

and I agreed.

Do you know what this is, or should I say was? It was going to be part of a craftiness project that I conceived in the shower the other day. Remember I told you that those sorts of ideas come to me in the shower. Well, this was going to be the paper mache head on a Santa Claus. I say was because, as you can see the head had a slight "accident".

It wasn't really an accident obviously because there are teeth marks on that styrofoam ball. And if you look not even closely you will see dog hair clinging to it. Yes, Mr. Nimblelips has struck again. Max, or as he was known yesterday, Mr. No No Bad Dog! put a crimp in my crafty plans. The stinker.

I had the paper mache covered ball sticking in a wrinkly apple that no one was going to eat and sitting on a heat register to dry it because.......because......

Oh fine! because I was too impatient for it to just dry on it's own and I was trying to help it along a bit. SO sue me. I went back into my office to do some things and pretty soon I heard a sound that I at first interpreted as Max doing his morning "ablutions" in his crate. But after a moment my brain registered that it wasn't quite the right sound for that. It had a slurpy, crunchy sort of sound to it.



Good golly Miss Molly! can you believe that Christmas is a week from today??? How the time does fly. I am all done with shopping I think. I occasionally slip in the little extra present here or there but I am basically done. The only things that I don't have yet are stocking stuffers. Those are important.

Do you have a Christmas stocking tradition? Obviously I already talked about the stockings that we use but we also have a tradition for when we open the stockings. Since the girls were very little we have always opened stockings on Christmas eve right before bed. It was really the only way that we could get them to settle down enough to go to sleep. And even then at least once we were confronted by this on Christmas morning.

Cartoon Girl wanted to make sure that she wouldn't miss a thing. What you can't see was that her feet were hanging off the end of the top step going downstairs. I have to say that this is one of my favorite pictures from her growing up years.

At any rate, we will again open stockings on Christmas eve, after we get home from church and the "Happy Birthday Jesus party" that our friends give every year.

Oh My Word isn't this the cutest face!!! This is Mercy and she belongs to my friend Hope. You will see Mercy again next week I think but I just wanted to give you a sneak peek now. She isn't all that old and she makes all those wonderful little baby noises and she has that wonderful baby smell. Oh someone should just bottle that so that when you get to hankerin' for some baby smell, good baby smell that is, you could just open the bottle and take a good whiff.

I may have to borrow her.

Can I Hope?


  1. A fun post to read, as usual. I don't think I will ever do Twitter. I've never even looked at the website. I just can't imagine anyone would be that interested to know what I am doing every hour of the day just as I am not interested in anyone else's "tweets". I don't have that kind of time to waste! lol! I do like Facebook though, just to keep up on friends and family but I lurk more than comment much.

  2. Well, I have to agree that Mercy does have the cutest face ~ of course I may be a bit swayed since she is mine and all!! I actually was very sad on the drive home last night as I realized something about the adorable hat and sweater you knitted our girl. You see, I realized that at some point she is going to out grow them and that means she won't be my tiny babe anymore. Heather lifted my spirits as we thought about Morgan, Kayla, Selah and Mercy's own babies wearing them. Phewww, relief!

  3. Oh for crying out loud. Would everyone just stop posting baby pictures until I have a baby?! I can't handle this!!

    I have had a ton of friends say, "I love you blog. I think I'm going to start one." They start it, write for a month, and abandon it. They have NO idea. NONE.

  4. Mercy is such a beautiful name! If we were to have more children (and we are NOT I can solemnly swear to you) I would have been pullin' hard for the name Mercy. Or Faith. Or Hope. (We already have a Grace.) If it was a boy, I just don't know what we'd do.
    I had no idea that skeins of yarn could be so expensive, or that a single project might take a few skeins. Gosh, that could make a blanket like $60? Wow. I really like the word skein though.
    Very entertained by this post. Cute picture at the top of the stairs--there's so much excitement during Christmas with children. I love it.
    Had a good laugh over your paper mache ball too.
    Okay. I shall end this novel of a comment.

  5. @ Elle - it would have been a $60 SCARF. A blanket would have been a WHOLE lot more.

  6.'re on the Twitter? I think you're following me...? I need to follow back.

  7. @Jessica. Yes you do my friend. I need all the followers I can get.


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