Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strange Threads of Thought (Vol 1)

I may very well make this a regular feature, hence the "volume" number on the post. HHBL will tell you that I sometimes, but NOT very often mind you, go often on strange threads of thought. There is always a reason for my rabbit trail of thought thankyouverymuch. He likes to remind me of the time we were driving along the coast of Maui and I wondered out loud, "I wonder if whales sleep?" Hey! it was dark and I was sleepy and there are whales around Hawaii. It was a legitimate question. And in case you were wondering.......yes they do. So there. Pffffffft!

Oh, so where were we?

This little story at FoxNews this morning got me to thinkin'. Don't be scared, I do occasionally think productively.

At any rate, you should probably read the story first before reading the rest of this post, although the post isn't going to be all that long I don't think. I never know when I sit down to write how long something is actually going to turn out to be, it just depends on how well the gray cells are working at any given time of the day. It is a crap shoot sometimes. Sorry, I said crap.

OK, NOW I will actually write what I meant to talk about.

This will really probably strike more of a chord with those of us who take a lot of pictures. With those of us who take pictures of everything and anything that they see when they are out and about on their daily travels or travels in general.

The question is, "Do you ever self censor the picture you might take because they have a child in them? A child that you don't know."

I am going to be honest and say that, at least here in the USA I do. There have been times when I have seen what would be a great shot say on the beach or wherever I happen to be. A shot of a child that I don't know doing something that is just so adorably cute. I want to take a picture but I really do think twice about it because I don't want anyone to misconstrue why I am taking the picture. If there is a parent nearby and I think it appropriate I will ask if I can take a picture.

I find that just so sad.

If you looked at me, a 49 year old with gray hair and 20 extra pounds that cling to me like boogers on a 4 y.o. finger, you wouldn't think that I am taking pictures for any other reason than that I like to take pictures. But that doesn't seem to matter anymore. I could be someone taking inappropriate pictures and I must be stopped.

Really, I want to know. Do you think about this when you are out taking pictures or do you just snap away? Damn the consequences full speed ahead kind of thing.

Or am I the only one who has these strange threads of thought?


  1. That story is disturbing! He was a professional photographer probably trying to capture Christmas in a photo. Wow. I guess we all have to be more careful.

  2. I have, in the past, taken my daughter and her friends and/or Girl Scout troop to an indoor public pool and was told I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of them because I may be sneaking in a stranger's kid in the same shot. How pitiful it that??

    I guess I never even thought about it before -- taking pictures of other people's kids. I'm like you. I love little kids. They are just such great subjects. It's a sad day when we have to worry about being arrested ... or at the least confronted ... for it.


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