Monday, November 30, 2009

I am So Sorry To Do This to You.

And now....

To start the week off really right!

I promised that I would post a short video of our experience at the Kinigi Cultural Village in Ruhengeri, Rwanda and so I am. HHBL has been busily editing video and has come up with this "short" for your viewing pleasure. Isn't he sweet to do this to for you.

I apologize in advance....

I am so very sorry to put you all through this because I really like you. But I have to be honest in life. I have to be an open book (post on that coming) and so in the interest of being and open book I will post this video.

If you are drinking coffee or have a weak stomach you might want to put down the mug or skip the whole experience all together. The "best" part is at the end when I make my dancing debut.

I will not be auditioning on Broadway any time soon for a principle dancer spot.


  1. Debbie! I'm actually pretty impressed. You did fine! I can only imagine how I would have looked. They would have removed my sash and asked me to sit right back down where I came from. What great memories you'll have! I'm jealous.

    Cousin Laura

  2. I think you are fantastic good sports!! You danced really good! I would have made a complete fool of myself, but you did fabulously! Way to go! And it looks like you had fun too. :o)

  3. Thanks for the BIG smile tonight!! You've got your groove on! As they sing in Madagascar "I Like To Move It Move It, I Like To Move It Move It, I Like To...Move It" (yes I have small kiddos)!! Can't wait to see you next week.

  4. You got rhythm!!! I. Love. It.!!!

    Thanks for being an open book! : )

    Oh yeah, and thanks for making me laugh for a change! ; )

    Be well! ~Andrea~


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