Saturday, November 14, 2009

And Now For Some Humiliation

When we were in Rwanda we had the opportunity to visit the Kinigi Cultural Village outside of Ruhengeri. The place is staffed with people who used to be poachers in the area but are now employed here instead. It is a small place, you park in the parking lot and walk a short distance down a rutted road to get there. They show you the "hut of the king" and, if you are a guy, make you dress like the king and all that stuff that I cringe at. All the stuff that we used to love to make the progeny do on summer vacations.

The local "witchdoctor" shows you all the lovely concoctions that he can brew that will cure what ails you, help you get the girl or guy with the potion brewed from the local love berries and after you get the girl make sure that all goes well with a drink made from the "local viagra". I am not making this up folks.

Then they show you a display of Rwandan dancing. They had been giving a display when we arrived so I knew what I was going to see......and I knew what was going to happen.

Yes, after they do the very cool dancing and drumming they make you participate. There was no way around it. So why not just jump right up and get the humiliation over with. Cuz I am such a Muzungu and I have absolutely no sense of rhythm. All I can say is I won't be quitting my day job. So sit back and enjoy my humiliation.

Oh yeah, I can do this. I am in the grove. But can I tell you that the woman I am dancing with had never been introduced to deodorant. And it was a warm and humid day.

Look! I have grandma arms and they are flapping in the breeze!

Can you see the look on my face? I am trying not to notice that in most countries women do not shave their armpits. It was really difficult not to look there and be transported back to my Jr. Hi. French class where we were fascinated by the teachers very long underarm hair. She could probably braid it, we were sure that she could.....Oh yes. African dancing, humiliation. I got side tracked there.

"Am I done yet? Can I go and sit down now? I can!!! Thanks for the humiliation. Let's do it again sometime.....NOT"


  1. That is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. You did a wonderful job with that dance by the way:)

  2. Way to go, lady! That was great! What a good sport you are--it looked like you had fun, and I think you did spectacularly well.

  3. Lets see the video ~ don't be shy!!! Also on a different topic altogher ~ thanks for the post about last years ornament exchange! It wasn't until I read it and my comment from last year that I realized I have a bought an ornament already last year and now just have to remember where I put it!!!!


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