Monday, November 9, 2009

Man I Love Photography

I have to say a thank you. A thank you to my parental units who in 2003 gave me my first digital camera.

Thank you

I have to admit that at that time I was using a point and shoot film camera. I was happy with it. It worked when I needed it, which wasn't very often. I don't like change and I didn't think that I needed to change. The camera sat in it's box, unopened, for three months. Yes, you read that correctly I am ashamed to say. Three months.

And then one day I thought, "I really should take this thing out and look at it." So I did. I read the manual. I took some pictures. Wow, there was instant feed back. I was hooked.

And now I have to say that I take pictures every day of all sorts of things. And sometimes, just sometimes, I take a picture that I absolutely love. I look at it and I go, "Oh yes". And today was one of those times and this was the picture. For some unaccountable reason I love it. is good.

Umpire, Catcher, HHBL, ball

Thank you Mimi and Papa. It wouldn't have started except for the gift of the camera


  1. I love that shot! My dad umpired when I was a kid. I spent A LOT of time at ball games, usually out in the country in the middle of nowhere!
    Thanks for you condolences Debbie.

  2. Actually, you need to also give a thank-you to your paternal grandfather DWA, who passed along a love of photography to his son DSA . . . who in turn passed what seems to be a dominant gene to DAQ.

  3. I just got a new camera - this is quite inspiring!


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