Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chez Knit, Where Stealing is Legal

Stealing is wrong.

Stealing is bad.

Stealing is illegal.

Except for one night of the year here at Chez Knit, when the annual Ornament Exchange rolls around. Check out last year's post for the actual rules. Although I think there might have to be an addendum to the rules after this years manipulation. I will explain later.

Of course we ate first because, you know, we needed sustenance for the struggle ahead. We needed food to feed our minds as we plotted our ornament stealing picking strategies. I always make too much food because one of my greatest fears is to run out of food and have company standing there with forlorn faces and empty plates.

Believe me, no one went away hungry.... unless they chose to. And I have enough food left over that I don't have to cook for the rest of the week. Of course, I will be sick of chicken salad and pasta salad and PW's Pico de Gallo. What am I saying, I NEVER get sick of pico

Pico on chips, pico with butter on good bread, pico on scrambled eggs, pico on.....

Um, I got distracted there. I am sorry. I am back on track now.

Once we had eaten and chatted and caught up and socialized and all that stuff then it was time for the stealing exchanging of ornaments. The anticipation mounts. By now everyone knows the rules so I didn't have to review them.

Now that is a lot of bags. The one on the right with the fur coat attached was particularly popular. We all admit that there have been times when an ornament was picked purely for the package that it came in.

Jen loved the first ornament that she picked. Of course, Jen didn't end up with that ornament. It was pretty and sparkly and that always dazzles these ladies. They are drawn to the sparkly.

Jen ended up with the ornament which I think is extremely cute. A Santa with dangling legs.

That's the way to do it Lin, rip that bag open. Oh fine, she was very careful about it which is good because it was the absolutely cutest frog ornament with red lips and dangly legs. I wanted to steal it but I didn't. But I should have. And I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so enamored with the dangling feet that had these cute little toes. I should have stolen it.

Hey Lin, let me see that ornament. It is my turn pretty soon and I really like that.
Yes Mary Mac, you should hang your head in shame because you just stole that ornament. Don't try to hide it, it is cute and very stealworthy.

Annette is smiling because not only did she steal get the ornament that she wanted for her ever growing collection of snowmen (it flows over into two rooms in her house) but she was the second person to steal the ornament so now it is free from stealage again.

Keep smiling Susie cuz those are really cute and you know they are going to be acquired by someone else very soon.

My turn!!! I am so delicate when I open packages aren't I.

Oh my gosh these are so cute!!

But wait!!! Oh that Kim, she stole them from me. Grrrrrrrr.

These women are why we will be amending the official rules. The Heather/Hope/Laura amendment will state that there will be no collusion between participants to manipulate the system through selective stealing. And they look so sweet and innocent. HA!

Thanks! I think I like your ornament. We all knew Laura would steal that one just because of the fur on the bag.

Thank you friends one and all for making the Ornament Exchange a memorable one as always. And I WAS picking for several ladies who weren't able to come. Stop saying that I have imaginary friends!


  1. Oh, and on top of all the great ornaments I got (yesterday's comment), I got that fur gift bag too! YES!!

    (Okay, it's time for me to simmer down. The evening is long over now.)

    Can't wait for next year!

  2. Looks like lots of fun, as long as you don't become too attached!

  3. But did your "imaginary friends" receive their ornaments is the real question?? Thanks again for a fabulous evening and I should hang my head in shame for our devious stealing ways ~ but it was TOO fun!!


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