Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well Now I Have Just Seen Everything

Really, I think I have seen just about everything now.

Before I continue with this I should just put a disclaimer on here. This is a family sort of friendly site and we try to keep it clean while keeping it real (as The Pioneer Woman says) but I have to warn you that I am going to be using words like...balls and perhaps scrotum. Scrotum, scrotum, scrotum. There you should be used to it by now. So just be warned.

Also the quality of the picture isn't so good but I just had one shot at getting the shot. You will see why.

Now, I was going to do an errand this morning. I was minding my own business and sitting at a light behind a really large pickup truck. It is a long light and I have time to gaze around at the scenery. So, I am looking at the truck ahead of me and I am noticing that it is big and black and has a hitch. But....what is that thing that is hanging down below the hitch?
Ummm, did something on the hitch come loose?

Huh, that thing that is hanging down has a vaguely familiar shape........ can't one would be so bold.......

Egads, that is a piece of metal hanging down shaped like, like, like.....a scrotum! Good golly.

And then of course, instead of looking someplace else and thinking pleasant thoughts or remembering a bible verse...I went for my camera to take a picture.

And I just KNOW that the guy in that truck looked into his side view mirror just as I was taking the picture.

And then, to just complete the picture, as we pulled away and down the street I took one last look at the metal bull appendage hanging down from the truck and I realized....that it was swinging back and forth. Just like, just like, well you know. Do I have to spell it out for you?

Oh . For . The . Love . Of . Pete.


  1. Yep, they are all over the place here in hicksville (Texas). I think maybe they are compensating for some sort of lack - either in mental status or some other.

  2. Now THAT is the darndest thing. You'll excuse me if I'm a bit speechless. HA! :o)

  3. Can't help it... I'm totally having a chuckle over that. Although, part of me is thinking WHY?!

  4. Yes, oh yes, I have seen those wonderful decorations often in these parts (oh, 'these parts'... lol... it is late for me and i'm punchy). I always glance away quickly - not wanting to give the owner the satisfaction seeing a shocked ol' lady :) -Tammy

  5. I HATE those. HATE HATE HATE.

    Funny story. I went to the beach with two of my best girl friends a month or so ago. We were walking along the seawall and there was a big truck with steel balls. We all glanced but none of us said anything. Then one of my friends turned to the other and asked, "Is your dog neutered?"

    I thought it was hilarious that seeing that made her brain "go there."

  6. HaHa!! I saw the same thing and described it later to my husband and friends and no one believed me!!


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