Saturday, September 19, 2009


OK, so there is a reason that I am not an entomologist. And the reason is that in order to be an entomologist you have to study.....BUGS! And I am so not going to do that I can tell you.

So I was down in the basement today, and I look over towards the furnaces and....

Um, what is that on the floor?

Ummmmm, is it moving?

It is really big and it has legs and......I think it is a really large beetle of some kind.

And it was THIS

I have absolutely no idea what this beetle is nor do I really care to know. I know that it is dead and that is good enough for me. Also, I am not going to contemplate how he got down into the basement and if there are any of his relatives hanging around. I am just going to go on faith that this is the only one.

Oh please let it be the only one.

And of course, once he was discovered he had to be removed from the basement. And what did I do with him?
Why, I put him on my bookshelf of course. Where else did you think he would go?

And speaking of bugs, as we were. I was in the local Wally Mart yesterday looking to buy some mums. I went to pick one up and thought, "Huh, what is that on the flower? Is it some kind of leaf?"

Noooooooooo, it wasn't a leaf.

It was...........

A Praying Mantis!

Of course, I whipped out the trusty little camera and took a picture. I did not pick this particular plant to buy and take home. I left it for someone else. But doesn't it make you wonder how the Praying Mantis got there? Did he ride in on the truck or was he just hanging around Wally Mart? Picking up a gallon of milk for the Mrs. maybe? Enquiring minds want to know.


  1. Better a beetle than a spider! That's all I have to say about that.

  2. Whether it were a spider or a beetle, if I found anything that large, alive that is, in my house, I'd probably cover it up with a margarine container, place the biggest book I own on top ... and wait for my husband to come home to "take care of it." (So much for being a modern, liberated woman!)

  3. It's Sunday night and I'm dying to know: is the beetle still on your bookshelf? Did it provide you with the reaction from Dan that you were hoping for? (i.e., did he scream like a little girl? Knowing him, I doubt it.) ...assuming that is why you put it there in the first place. Or perhaps you were looking to freak out one of your guests -- who doesn't read your blog, that is. (Ha! I'm onto you!)

    (By the way, it better be gone by the time Kristen comes to house-sit! She's still talking about how that stupid window-thumping cardinal scared the tar out of her.)


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