Monday, September 14, 2009

Randomness Strikes Again

OK, none of these pictures are really totally post worthy so I will just string them all together in a "Randomness Post". OK, I am just to lazy to build a big post around anyone of these. So sue me.

Do you know what these are?? Can you tell by looking at them how delicious these were and how I am so going to make them here at our home in the woods when I have the chance and can figure out the balsamic sauce.

So HHBL and I went to a local "taste of" several weekends ago. One of the things that I ordered were homemade potato chips (they had just come out of the fryer) topped with Gorgonzola cheese, green onions and this balsamic vinaigrette. Ohhhhhhhhh. You can't see me right now but I am drooling, they were that yummy.

Sorry, the quality of the picture isn't great because it was dusk and I only had the little camera.

Feed me oh Alpha Male for I do not have oposable thumbs and cannot do it myself. Please, oh please put the wonderful warm libation onto my nuggets of compressed sawdust and other meat parts so that I may partake of my morning repast.



So, at the same "taste of" celebration that I referred to above, there was also a band playing in the town pavillion. They were really great and played for over an hour. We stopped on our way in and our way out. People would put down their lawn chairs and stay for a while and then leave to go and get something to eat. On our way out, when we stopped to listen to the music, there was the cutest couple dancing in the parking lot. They were just adorable. They just danced and twirled and dipped.

I felt like a paparazzi stalking Britney Spears trying to take a picture of these two.

Doh, de, doh, de, doh. I am just looking around at the trees and the people.....

Hmmmmm, quick shift to the left, raise my hands, snap the picture, rotate to the right and continue to gaze at the trees and the band.

Repeat until I have enough pictures and hope no one sees me and thinks that I slightly odd. Well, I am but I don't want OTHER PEOPLE to know it.

I live in a quiet neighborhood, no gunfire (except for the stray hunter), no loud music, no fireworks going off at 1a......scratch that last one cuz that has happened more than one.

So, on my walk yesterday, there by the side of the road is a sock. Just a sock laying there in the grass. A sock that was turned inside out as if someone had stripped it off their feet in the process of changing their clothes. Only there was no hamper in sight. And then about 5 paces down the road there was the other sock just laying in the road.
Why were they in the road? Did someone not love them anymore? They looked like very serviceable socks, although I did not actually touch them or pick them up. I am not THAT excited about free socks. Was someone running madly down the street and just ran out of their socks. I must know!!!


OK, I think I am done with the randomness now. At least until other "orphan pictures" show up and I get too lazy to write separate blog post about them. Or until another "Pictures From the Crypt" shows up.....which should be pretty soon.

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  1. I love random posts, and this was great! I'm still chuckling about it all. -Tammy p.s. your dog is so adorable, and SO intent on being fed. Love it!


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