Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Delete or Not to Delete. That Is The Question.

Yes, I have been going through pictures again. There are so many and I have such a hard time getting rid of any of them. It is a sickness and I am powerless.

Lets look at them shall we.

Oh yes, this one is definitely going I can tell you. I love the movie, I hate the picture. It looks like I am squinting into the sun. And what was I thinking having that short hair for 15 years.....Delete.

I have to have about 20 pictures that are almost exactly the same as this one. Did I stand in the same spot on the Grand Canyon rim and keep taking pictures hoping that the scenery would change?..........Delete.

Again, I have about 20 pictures that are almost exactly the same as this one. Did my dad and I stand side by side and merrily snap away like Japanese tourists around the Mona Lisa? What were we thinking. Was there some reason that we though the kids facial expression would change from one second to the next........Delete along with the other 15 that look just like this one.

Yes, we get snow where I live. Sometimes we get a lot of snow. Sometimes we get upwards of 125 inches of snow. I don't need to be reminded of that I am thinking. And I have plenty of pictures just like this.....Delete.

Psychotic, beady eyed ostrich be gone! Why do I need to have you in my computer. Why did I take a picture of you? Where did I see you and what was I thinking when I took the picture?.....Delete.

My father and a suit made entirely of duct tape. And I have not one, not two but three variations fo this picture. I am thinking that one is plenty don't you.......Delete.

Pigs racing around a track. What will they think of next. And I took A LOT of pictures of this for some inexplicable reason. I don't think that I need more than say 10 pictures of this particular phenom do I?.......Delete.

Oh I feel so much better now. I feel free! I can go and watch The Biggest Loser now because NOTHING stands between me and The Biggest Loser.


  1. A suit made of duct tape???? A-mazing!!

    Nothinig stands between me and BL either! I look forward to your comments today!

  2. I do that too! I mean I seem to stand in one position and take 4200 pictures.

    And that ostrich is scary- can you also delete it from my memory?

  3. I'm so sad that beady-eyed ostrich is obliterated. What did he ever do to you?
    he he he Good declutterin', girl!


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