Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 37)

Where oh where does the time go? How can it be September already? And the Farmer's Almanac says it will be a frigid winter. Ah well, we will just have to enjoy 7 Quick Takes and not worry about it. Remember to click on the picture to go and see what everyone else is doing.

I keep meaning to show you what I have been knitting and I just keep forgetting. Hey! Don't you get up and leave! Knitting is wonderful, it keeps me out of trouble.......I have land to sell you if you believe that.

Aren't these great. It is "self striping" yarn that makes a pattern that looks like an American flag. This is the second pair that I have made. The first went, as leisure socks, to Socks for Soldiers. The second pair were mailed on Monday as a belated birthday gift for Pilot Man, but don't tell him that I told you.
And these funny looking things are "Big Olive Drab Socks" that also were sent out to Socks For Soldiers. These things take a while to knit because they are so long. This particular pair is #6 for the year 2009.

Now that the progeny are all out of the house HHBL and I are trying to cut down on the snacks that we keep around the house. Oh my stars and garters this is much harder than I thought it would be. I would have killed, would have committed mayhem, for a bag of kettle potato chips this afternoon. I wanted them, I NEEDED them....and they were not there. Oh grief, oh rending of garments.

I had to content myself with these.
I know that you are asking yourself what this could be. Well, it is a homemade granola bar and it is luscious. And yes, I use the word luscious every chance that I get. Doesn't it just roll off your tongue. Go on, say it with me luuuuuuussssssssssscious. These particular granola bars are chocolate peanut butter. I will try to take pictures the next time that I make them and post the recipe.

They are luscious.....but they aren't kettle potato chips.

Cartoon Girl is here for a visit this weekend so that means that we are laughing a lot and being silly. I know that it is hard for you to believe that I would descend into silliness, me being the "serious" type and all but it does sometimes happen. We have fun, yes we do. And, just to make it even better "The Posse" (Cartoon Girls friends from high school) are all spending the night on Saturday. I love these girls, I surely do.
Um yeah, no make up on that old face and all that crazy curly hair. Sorry to scare you like this but I am what I am.

I have not had internet this morning and that is REALLY annoying. Got up at the usual time of 5a and went to get on the old information highway to finish my post for the day and.....nothing, nada, zilcho, a big fat zero. OK

So I go to the basement to reset the router which is the usual course of action in these situations and hmmmmmm, there aren't enough lights on the modem. Hmmmmmm, and the cable is out as well. Lovely. So I call the cable company and sneakily bypass that annoying telephone tree in order to talk to a live person, a very nice person who tells me that there doesn't seem to be any outage reported in our area so it must be us. She will be glad to schedule an appointment but it will require me to be here ALL DAY to twiddle my thumbs waiting for the repair man. GRRRRR. The very nice young lady tells me that, no she can't give me a more specific time that the repair man will be here because, you know he is doing me a favor by fitting me into his busy schedule.

But Deb, you are asking yourself, how can you be finally posting if you don't have internet. Ah, but I do have an AT&T aircard which is really for work but I am quickly getting this done. And then I won't use it again for anything but work I promise! My boss reads my blog.....but then I am married to my boss.....

We are going to the fair on Monday and I am sooo excited. We do this every year and it is fun. I will be fasting on Sunday because I know that I will be ingesting vast quantities of fried things with vast amounts of salt on them. I can hardly wait! We will go and look at the animals, especially the cow butts and watch the Amish (who all seem to smoke) and look for people that we know. I know that you can hardly wait to hear about the whole experience.

You know, it is interesting how frustrated I get when I don't have internet access (going back to #4). Think of all the years that I lived without being online, and all the stuff I was able to accomplish without the distraction of the world wide web. I am not much of a TV watcher so if the cable is out I am not sweating things. But the internet......I NEED it. Ohhhhh, I am lost without it. How can I blog? How can I follow all my internet buddies? How can I look something up? Use the encyclopedia set that we have at home? Are you crazy, that is so 1980's and I am all about the now. Hurry Mr. Cable Repairman and PLEASE have pants that are hiked up to your chin.

I just don't think I could handle it if your pants aren't hiked up to your armpits. I might give in to the urge to take a picture and post it on the internet just to get back at the fact that I have been deprived of my access. I just might.

And going back to #4 again, I was going to take Cartoon Girl out to lunch today but that has had to fall by the wayside. The cable repair guy is supposed to call me on my cell phone when he is on his way but if I am off someplace and can't get back to the house he won't wait for me. RATS, RATS, RATS!

Sorry to subject you to my rantings and ravings but someone has to do it and Cartoon Girl has already retreated to my bedroom to watch a movie so you are it!

Sorry this is such a boring, whining, angst filled Quick Takes. I will try to be better next week. I will try to be more exciting and scintillating (I love that word) and worthy of your presence here. Please don't leave me!!


  1. Wow. You are a knitting maniac! I'm so impressed!

    Please teach me how to make that granola bar. Chocolate and peanut butter speak to me on a very deep level.

  2. Would you believe I said 'luscious' out loud all by my lonesome in a quiet house? It did roll off my tongue - right along with the drool those granola bars induced. Yes, please, on the recipe. I hope your internet gets back up to par soon. Do you find yourself wandering over to the computer just like when the electricity's off and keep flipping lightswitches anyway? Or maybe that's just me...

  3. Yes I want that recipe too!! Please, oh please, post it soon! I'm SURE God created peanut butter and chocolate with the sole purpose of being combined!

    Oh, and did you like that cow butt picture I took last week at the lesser-known Portage County Fair? Mike got carried away afterwards taking pictures of bunny butts, chicken butts and other types of butts, but I told him a single cow butt shot would suffice.

    I loved his subject line: "Thinking of you." :)

  4. This post is not boring. You are a whirlwind, that's all! Thanks for your comment today at 2nd Cup. I use my insomnia for intercession, too.

  5. Knitting. I wish I knew how. I love the socks you made. And how cool to have American flag yarn for a soldier! You are fantastic for contributing to Socks for Soldiers. Way to go, Lady!
    Loved the photo of you and Cartoon Girl. Two beautiful women with great smiles.


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