Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Clean Up

These men are doing a job that I hate. They are doing my Spring clean up. Because my husband is the most wonderful guy, he let me, just this once I think, hire someone to blow out all the many leaves from all the beds. This is a job that usually takes me several days and lots of work. Eric and his crew are going to have it all done in a day, as well as fixing my back fence and filling in some areas in the lawn that need some work. What luxury this is. They are also going to edge all my beds and that alone is something that pleases me IMMENSELY.

I love working in my garden. It is therapeutic for me, to dig in the dirt, to move plants, to have flowers. I am not a master gardener by any means but I can hold my own if I have to. I love to be on my deck in the summer, sitting in the shade and reading a book while the hummingbirds are dive bombing me and the flowers are growing. Totally soothing. The hiring out of this job just makes my Spring start out a bit better.

Thank you Dan.

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