Friday, April 4, 2008

Landscaping headaches

This is my front step. See anything wrong with it. Yes, oh observant one, the sandstone is disintegrating before my eyes. Sandstone and northeast Ohio don't always get along. Actually, this has been an ongoing problem for the last few years but it has now gotten to "critical mass" stage and must be fixed. Have talked to the landscaper who said that yes, he could do it but he wasn't the best qualified. So, the mason was here today to look at the problem. It seems that the stones have shifted because they sit only on cinder blocks and there is no real foundation under them. Why am I not surprised. Our landscaper at the time did the work. He did a great job with the pavers but evidently didn't know what he was doing with the steps. I am now going to wait for the estimate and then hoping that Dan and I don't have a heart attack when it comes. However, it has to be done. Sigh.


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