Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Butter anyone

Why you might ask, is she putting a picture of a clean butter dish on her blog. Why indeed and is it REALLY clean.

Do any of you have dogs? Do any of you have big dogs who can reach things on the counter? Can you see where I am going with this. I bet you can (sounding a tad like Mr. Rogers there).

I went off yesterday morning to do my usual Monday morning errands. Yes, I know it was Tuesday but on Monday I was shopping for a prom dress with the youngest progeny so the grocery shopping didn't get done until Tuesday. Work with me people! Anyways, I went off to do the shopping on a beautiful sunny day all happy. I had a small smakeral of homemade bread and a little smear of butter as I went out the door. Yum. Came home and unloaded all the provender and was greeted VERY enthusiastically by the dog. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. He is always glad to see me but this was really very "suck-upish" of him. I went to wash the grapes and noticed the butter dish. That's funny, I was sure there was almost an entire stick of butter on that thing. Boy it sure looks sparkling clean except for a little bit of butter at one end. On closer inspection is that a DOG HAIR on the dish? It IS!!!!!!! MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! Of course, he knew the jig was up and was hiding in his house.

I don't know if that much butter will hurt him (by the way this isn't the first time that he has helped himself to a stick of butter and he is still living) but I am sure that he now has the arteries of a 70 year old smoker who has McDonald's every day. I am also sure that his poo will be more like buttery spread for awhile (hmm, too much information you think?) but it is what it is. He will survive.


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