Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nine Mile Bridge

Nine Mile Bridge. Hamlin, Helen

I love memoirs, especially one written by the ordinary "joe". Whenever I am traveling I try to pick up memoirs written by local people. It just brings something to the experience. That was sort of a digression but there it is. Anyways..... I had never heard of this book but as I was perusing the "Posted today" section of Paperback Book Swap I stumbled across this book. It is the story of Helen Hamlin and the three years she lived in the Maine woods (in the late 1930's I think) with her game warden husband, Curly. As with many memoirs it isn't all that polished but that is what makes it great. She just tells about what they did, how they survived etc. If you can ever find a copy then I suggest you buy it because you can't have my copy. Sorry.

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  1. While visiting with my 91 year old mother in Maine, I found this book on her bookshelf. It was given to my father on father's day by my brother in 1963. I am in the middle of it and am thoroughly enjoying her description of life in the Maine woods back in the 30s. I grew up in the Maine woods in the 40s, and even by then, the logging industry had changed since she wrote about it. I have always maintained throughout my adult life, that the loggers, farmers, and fishermen of Maine are way too overlooked. They were truly independent freedom loving Americans that gave to the country more than they took. In many ways, I miss them. Helen's book brought them all back to me. And for that I thank her.


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