Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Bible Study Peeps

Friends are a special gift from the Lord. You can have lots of acquaintances, people that you know, even in a fairly close way. But true friends are special.

I have a special group of friends who are my "Bible Study Peeps". No, you don't need to tell me that we are WAY too old to be calling each other that and that it sounds really stupid. Tough beans to you. That is what we call each other and that is what we are. And no I am NOT referring to those nasty marshmallow things that come around at Easter. Those things are vile.

These women are so special to me. Some I have know for a long time and some are new friends in the past two years but I can tell you that I don't know what my life would be like without them. We are there for each other no matter what the circumstance. We have laughed, and cried with each other. We have, and are, walking through tough times together. We are studying the bible (and this year the life of Paul) for all we are worth and growing in the process.

Some of us have small children (NOT me thank goodness) and some of us are anticipating empty nests in the next few years. Some are working outside the home and some inside. Some of us are flesh and blood sisters but we are all sisters in Christ. We are all so different but what unites us is our love of Jesus Christ our savior.

This bible study came into my life at just the right time. I don't know why I am surprised at that, the Lord always has perfect timing. I had withdrawn from leadership in the Bible Study program at the church we were then attending but I hadn't found another bible study to go to. I really need a bible study. I like to study the bible on my own but the insights of other women studying the same passage is so much better for me. At any rate, I happened to go to a surprise birthday party for my friend, Heather. I was sitting next to her at the luncheon and she mentioned the small bible study that she and another mutual friend, Dotty (one of my FAVORITE people EVER) had started. As soon as she mentioned it I knew I wanted to be in that bible study. I knew it was the right place for me. So, I asked if I could insert myself into their bible study because I didn't have another one to go to and I missed it. She said yes and the rest is history.

I look forward to Thursday mornings more that I can possibly say. I don't like to ever miss my "peep fix" as well as the Beth Moore study. Excellent in every way. In the summer, when we don't meet on a weekly basis we can't go too long without having breakfast or lunch together. We actually call it our "Peep Fix". We are so dorky.

I love you guys. Some of you may never see this although you all know about the blog. But whether you see it or not the fact remains that I couldn't do without you. See you Thursday.


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