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Brokaw, Tom
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OK, I tried to like this book, I really did. I loved The Greatest Generation, and I figured that I would like this one too. I was wrong and that makes me sad.

This book is billed as the "voices of the sixties" and I suppose that is correct. But only certain voices, those of the Baby Boom generation who came to adulthood (and in some instances I use that term loosely) and prominence during that turbulent time period. All note worthy people to be sure and all with interesting view points (that I often disagree with). However, these people are NOT the men and women of the Greatest Generation, not by a long shot (well except for maybe Senator John McCain and Senator Bob Kerrey).

I can technically be classified as being a "Baby Boomer" having been born in 1960 (you do the math to see how old I am). I have a fairly low opinion of most of the baby boom generation. By and large we are a whining, self serving generation who has been given too much and of whom not enough has been asked. We don't really understand what it means to sacrifice for this country or for our families. Sad but true.

I would much rather had read a book about the average people who lived through the sixties and how it affected them. I know how Gloria Steinem's life was changed, or John McCain. I can do that research myself. You can't mean to tell me that only well know people were effected by that time period. Oh well.


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