Sunday, April 6, 2008

Look Who Came Calling

Look who came to visit this morning, Mr. Turkey and his harem. Thank goodness I had my telephoto lens on my camera or I wouldn't have gotten the shot.

We have tons of turkeys living in the woods around our house. We hear them all the time but it is a rare thing to see them. There is one female who occasionally strolls across the front yard, or I might see a couple in the woods but it is VERY rare for me to see Mr. Tom. This particular fellow is the younger of the two that inhabit the woods. His harem is a tad smaller (only about 8 females) than the other fellow who has upwards of 20 females at last count. He is a busy boy come spring time I would think.

I remember the first time I saw this particular wild life. I was driving down our street and something strolled across the road. Turkeys don't generally stroll but this one was so I got a good look. I thought, "What is that! I haven't ever seen one of those before. Oh my gosh that must be a wild turkey!" Now, I hadn't ever seen a wild turkey (unless it came in a bottle and that is another story) so this was cool. They are one of the few wild things in our woods that DOESN'T destroy the landscaping so I say welcome!

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  1. Mr. Turkey is now wooing (one of) his loves in my backyard these days. (It'll go on daily for a few weeks.) It's so funny how worked up he gets -- following her everywhere, poofing up his feathers and gobbling at the top of his lungs -- only to be TOTALLY ignored.

    (Mr. and Mrs. Osprey are still around too.
    SO cool!)


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