Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 117–Frost 1:Tomato 0

Day 117 - Frost 1 - Tomato 0

Let me start out by saying that this is NOT a tomato plant that resides in the garden that LaurenLeap and I tend. No, this sorry specimen resides, or should I say resided in the garden plot across the grass covered aisle from us.

We had a Frost/Freeze warning last night. LaurenLeap went out and covered everything late in the day and I went out this morning and uncovered again. We lost three plants that we weren’t all that sure about anyways so no big loss for us. But we took the time to cover our plants, as did others in the garden. Maybe the plot owner just didn’t hear about the warning and didn’t know to cover the plants? If so, it is going to be a big wrench when they go out to their plot and see a frost wasteland.

Also, LaurenLeap and I know that even thought you really, really want to plant tomatoes in May…… you do not.

This is the reason why.

We live in Zone 5. Zone 5 gets frost occasionally even in late May. Not often but occasionally.

And what is really, really sad. This isn’t the only tomato plant that the plot owner lost. He/she lost ALL of them, 18+ of them, because they didn’t get out there and take a few minutes and cover them up.

Tomato sadness.


  1. This picture is painful to look at, and I'm sure seeing 18+ is really tragic. I'm going to go show my own tomato plants some love and appreciation.

  2. What a sad tale. We have to plant tomatoes in April here, but since I'm still a midwest girl at heart, I never get them in on time, so we never have many tomatoes anyway. Sigh.

  3. Ouch! We have nine tomato plants heeled into a raised bed waiting to be planted in their forever homes. Had a surprise frost the other night when we had them uncovered. So far they look okay. Maybe we were lucky this time. We are in zone 5 also and we know better but just can't wait...


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