Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are There Ornament Police?

Well I think I can finally say that I have recovered from Monday’s orgy of food and laughter and theft.

Ornament Xcng 12Ornament Xcng 13Ornament Xcng 14

As usual I made too much food, well all except for the salad where I actually didn’t make enough. That happens every year. And I always think, when I look at the spread of the food that I made as well as all the food that others have brought that we won’t get any of it eaten…..

Ornament Xcng 11

But we manage, oh yes we manage. Theft requires great stores of energy.

And then it was on to the main event. We were reminiscing about the first couple of years of exchanging ornaments, when people seemed loath to actually steal someone else’s ornament.

It isn’t nice or lady like!!

We seem to have overcome that.

Let’s see what happened shall we?

Oh and I should tell you before hand that these are not my best pictures because, frankly, I was laughing so hard at times that I couldn’t think straight, let alone meter the camera correctly.

Ornament Xcng 10

Ohhhhhhhh such a pile of presents.

Ornament Xcng 9

Carolyn went first. Oh that is lovely….and it was immediately stolen.

Ornament Xcng 6

And then Heather stole that same ornament again so it was hers forever and ever and ever.

Ornament Xcng 3IMG_1724IMG_1725

Kelly picked a lovely ornament which was almost immediately stolen by Annette.

And then there was Kim. Oh Kim. Poor Kim.

Ornament Xcng 5Ornament Xcng 21Ornament Xcng 22Ornament Xcng 23Ornament Xcng 25 We stopped counting the ornaments stolen from her after the fourth time.

Ornament Xcng 40The Elf went from Anne….

Ornament Xcng 37To Dottie……

Ornament Xcng 36Ornament Xcng 35To Kim in a very short period of time. Kim swooped down on that thing like a buzzard on road kill. And since it was the second “steal” he was all hers.

Ornament Xcng 39Laurenleap always looks so innocent. Don’t be fooled.

Ornament Xcng 16Ornament Xcng 17Ornament Xcng 26Some people like to “shop” before they steal.

Ornament Xcng 28Ornament Xcng 29Sue couldn’t decide if she wanted these as ornaments or earrings. She is awfully fond of dangly and sparkly things. Especially if they have a pig on them. Or shopping. Or sparkles.

Ornament Xcng 32You will still love me even though I might steal your ornament won’t you?

 Ornament Xcng 34Take it! Just take it! I will steal someone else’s. No problem.

And finally, all the ornaments were stolen ready to go home with their new owners. And it was time for the group picture.

Ornament Xcng 27What can I say. I love my friends.


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