Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Pictures

Here we are, another year about to end. Another year filled with photos and blather. Lets see what happened here at Chez Knit in 2012


I hung around with some alpacas on a Saturday afternoon.


There was a summer filled with watching baseball and only a few minor injuries to contend with.


An Easter filled with family, the Easter Monkey, chubby thighed little boys and Max the Magnificent taking a chunk out of Cousin Ben’s thigh. Good Times.

Cow Butts! 2012IMG_9556IMG_9580IMG_9608

The posteriors of various animals on full display at the Geauga County Fair. Who knew that was such a racy place to be!!

We might have taken a trip or two


New York City

Brooklyn 8IMG_0230IMG_0257

Atlanta. Where I got to spend every night with Brooklyn the snake and I had to curb my tendency to spit into available trash cans.


We hung around in Florida where we saw alligators, chubby cheeked babies and Monarch butterflies. And I got to have fresh squeezed OJ every day. Joy.


Peru! Where we ate an ocean full of fish, had an encounter with the Pepper of Death, got to eat boatloads of Causa and perhaps some alpaca….and went to Machu Picchu.

We hung with familyIMG_1914aIMG_1375a

We DO take pictures that are all serious and good. But the crazy ones are much more reflective of WHO we are. Are you surprised?

The garden dominated the summer months.IMG_9366IMG_9370IMG_9379IMG_9380IMG_6581AIMG_7999
And I might have taken my fair share of iPhone photographs……
Aurora footballIMG_0007IMG_0022aIMG_0063IMG_0069IMG_0291IMG_0306IMG_0344IMG_0375IMG_0551IMG_0586IMG_0598


We had an engagement!!IMG_1894aIMG_1897aIMG_1899a_edited-1IMG_1901a

Who knows what might happen in 2013!!!


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