Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 195)


Well we made it through Christmas. And now we are facing the New Year. How can this be the end of 2012?? It happens every year, I am confused as to how I got to this point. Sigh.

You know the deal. When you are done storing up the year end blather here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the rapidly approaching New Year, over to Conversion Diary.

Happy New Blather Year!!


Well we got a bit more snow this week. About 6 inches of the fluffy stuff fell on Wednesday with more added on Thursday. I define 6 inches as not that much.

You might be screaming, “THAT’S CRAZY! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD SNOW!”

You obviously do not live in the Frozen Northeast Ohio Snow Belt if you are saying that.

We say PFFFFFFFFFT! to 6 inches of snow.

Of course the snow fell at the rate of an inch an hour at one point and by late in the day on Wednesday Cartoon Girl learned that her flight back to NYC (scheduled for 6:07a on Thursday) had been cancelled and she had been re-scheduled on a flight leaving Saturday afternoon.

Yeah we get Cartoon Girl for a couple of extra days.

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas. There were some slight gift snafus here at Chez Knit. And all caused by yours truly.


I purchased the wrong book for TSiL. Even though I had the correct title and author written down I picked up a book that had a SIMILAR title but not the correct one.

I wondered why he had a quizzical look on his face when he opened the book and then I realized that perhaps I had purchased the wrong one. So I ran to my computer and ordered the correct one from Amazon.

And then the hat that I knit him was a bit (said with some sarcasm) big for his head. So I have to knit him a smaller version. That is OK cuz I will just use the hat when I am walking at the lake. I can get all of my hair under it and still have enough hat to pull down over my ears.

Other than that it was a great Christmas.

Shoe Queen’s future in-laws are here for a visit.

Fun times!

And LOTS of coffee. They are coffee people. I knew I liked them.

I think I can honestly say that I am pretty much “partied out” now. It feels like we have been doing back to back people and parties and food and entertaining from Thanksgiving onwards. And dishes! Oh the dishes! I swear that all I do all day long is dishes and cooking. Once Shoe Queen goes back to school I am just going to sit down and do nothing for a day or two.




But I can never seem to do that for a very long time.

But for ONE day I can! I swear I will! I am committed.

I had planned to do a whole series of blog posts this week that were my “wrap up 2012 in a nice, neat bow” posts.

But that didn’t happen.

Mostly because of thisIMG_1897a

SO we will just have to push that off to next week. Start 2013 off right by looking back at 2012. Just the way it should be!

Start gearing up your excitement for
- what I knit in 2012 (and goals for 2013)
- what I read in 2012 (and goals for 2013)
- the year in review in pictures. That will be the big one.

The funny thing that I have noticed, now that we do not have cable, is that I am watching more of the DVD’s from our rather large collection. When cable was still existent at Chez Knit I would go to the basement for something, see the DVD’s, all arranged alphabetically thankyouverymuch, and think how sad that I don’t watch any of them.

But now they are all happy because we have put them back into circulation. And there is no more sitting in front of the TV and mindlessly flipping through channels trying to find something good to watch and at the same time vainly trying to avoid watching commercials.

I hate commercials.

And for Christmas we received a bunch of DVDs. They are all sitting in a happy little stack just waiting for time to watch them. AND I might add to the collection.


Not missing cable still.

Thought you should know.

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  1. I just wanted to pop by and wish you the happiest new year. May your 2013 be full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises. Thank you for the inspiration you share here.


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