Monday, December 10, 2012

An Interesting Invitation

I managed to go to the library today and NOT walk out with a pile of books. I walked out with only the book on tape that had come in for me (Celebrity in Death)….

And maybe one tiny, paperback book that was in the free pile.


Another copy of Anna and the King of Siam to add to the collection. Paperback copy with a lovely picture of Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr on it, printed in 1968. Have I mentioned that I have a collection of this particular book? I have a feeling that I have mentioned it but maybe I haven’t.

Fine, I will go over the particulars then. Margaret Landon, author of the above book, was my aunt. She was my Grandma Amsler’s oldest sister. Therefore I grew up with this book. Believe me it was a frequent topic of conversation. I have a signed copy with accompanying letter telling me how Aunt Margaret came to write the book (a story in itself I can tell you!). I have copies for each of the girls if they want them. But I didn’t have a paperback copy so I zipped it off the free shelf and into my bag and away I went.

Not that I really NEEDED a paperback copy of the book but, you know, it was FREE.

I arrived home, unloaded the car and then remembered to pull the book out of my enormous satchel purse and set it on the counter in anticipation of putting it on my book shelves.

Just as an aside, for those of you who hoard collect books, doesn’t it just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling to bring back your latest “acquisition” and to slide it onto your shelves?

It does right?


Fine, back to what I was saying. I picked the book up and sort of rifled the pages and I thought I saw something stuck in the book.


Hmmmmmmm, what is that?

I opened the book and pulled out a piece of poster board weight paper.


Well now, what an interesting invitation.

This edition of the book was printed in 1968, during the heart of the “swinging sixties”. I am going to bet that this book hasn’t been opened or read since then. The piece of paper itself is actually hand lettered I realized after closer examination. And someone (I hope it is a someone not a something) has chewed a corner off of it. Was some hippy handing these out on a street corner or a college campus? My mind is bursting to know the answer to this question!!

Can someone please tell me??


This is just an added bonus to the whole bringing a free book home excitement.

I have tucked the suggestion back in the book and carefully stowed the book on the shelves. And when the progeny have to clean out all my books when I am finally gone and they donate this book to the library perhaps someone else will find the note.

For some reason that just tickles me.

I really do lead a boring and sad life.


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