Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remember the Database Deb!

Some of you might know that I write a short coffee poem every morning and post it on both Facebook and Twitter. Well almost every morning. I take a Spring break from writing the little ditties and sometimes the week between Christmas and New Years. Just to recharge the juices you know. But the rest of the time there it is. I didn’t purposefully get on the coffee poem train. I just happened to write one on the occasion of my 50th birthday. It wasn’t a very good poem, heck it didn’t even rhyme! HORRORS! But there it was. And then I wrote another one, and another. And then if I DIDN’T write one then people were sending me messages asking where the poem was and after that there was no going back.

My morning routine is to rise, make whatever ablutions I need to do in the bathroom, go downstairs, feed Max the Magnificent, make my coffee and then write my poem. I am asked on occasion if I sit down and write out a bunch of poems so that I have a “stock pile” from which to pull a poem on a day when the old gray matter isn’t functioning up to speed. (Um that would be EVERY day I am thinking).The answer to that is

Unfortunately NO.

I tried doing that for a while but it just works better if I sit down and write one each morning specifically for that day. They aren’t all that long, only between two and four lines. Sometimes they have something to do with the happenings of the day but most of the time it is just whatever leaks out of my brain cells after a sip or two of the old elixir. It just never felt “right” to produce a whole bunch all at once. It just didn’t work.

And why am I rambling on about this. Well it is because I am just wanting to remind myself in bloggy form that I need to….


Why am I reminding myself of that you might ask?

Because I happened to think this morning that I should probably do a bit of Excel Coffee Spreadsheet updating. And imagine my horror when I realized that I hadn’t updated the database since………..FEBRUARY!!!!!!

Good golly Miss Molly. This was not what I had planned to do with my Tuesday. Not that I had any actual FIRM plans mind you but whatever the plans were in my head they didn’t involve hours of copying and pasting from Facebook or Twitter into the database.

But sometimes needs must and so that is what I have spent a number of hours doing today. I started out pulling them off of FB but quickly found that it was just plain easier to pull up all my tweets for the past year, highlight, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V in the database and then on to the next date.

Over and over and over and over again. I am going to be Ctrl+Cing in my sleep.

But it is done. I am all caught up. Now if I can just remember to do this on at least a monthly basis then I won’t have to spend an entire day sitting on my ever expanding keister in front of the computer screen.

Here are just a few of the “ditties” from the past year. Sometimes I am so funny that I cannot imagine why someone doesn’t PAY me to write these.

And other times not.

  • Monday you are not my friend. You do not make me happy. But I have coffee in my cup. Wake me up and make it snappy
  • In today's New Hampshire primary, they vote for Mitt or Newt. Or John or Rick or Ron or Rick whichever one will suit. But I'm not paying any mind to what goes on with them, I'm just waiting for my Joe to wake up my brain stem.
  • It rains, it ices, then it snows. Cleveland has such weather woes. No wonder I have such cold toes. But with coffee I will survive
  • I don't want to get up, I want to stay in bed. Want to pull the covers way up 'or my head. But morning it is calling in harsh and strident tones. Coffee please awaken me and help raise these old bones.
  • A birthday haiku for @dikeough Coffee quickly come. Flooding in my cranium. Or else mayhem starts.
  • Coffee help to bring me joy. Otherwise I just annoy
  • Oh Monday you are so very cruel. Thank goodness for my liquid fuel
  • Coffee brings clarity. That's sometimes a rarity.
  • Monday you are such a pill. I have no strength or force of will. I might even be a tad bit shrill. But with coffee I will survive.
  • Coffee help me try, To get up and be spry.
  • Coffee help me suture, wakefulness to my future.
  • It was my dad you said to me. Coffee, my daughter, is good for thee
  • Curse the skunk who likes to play, Around my house with stinky spray. It makes it hard to sleep I'll say. But with coffee I will survive.
  • Coyotes woke me up last night. Really gave me quite a fright. Singing in their killing rite. With coffee I will survive.
  • I can say with certitude. Without the coffee there'd be bad mood.

Well I think you get the drift.

I am on the Coffee Poem train and I can’t get off of it!!!

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  1. It is rumored . . . inaccurately, I tell you . . . that morning ennui is always improved by coffee. On the other hand, some would suggest that daylight doldrums are exacerbated by caffeine. The jury is still out.


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