Monday, November 26, 2012

You Try To Raise Them Right!


Oh my wonderful progeny.


You try to raise them right.

To be friends.

To treat others well.

Not to be led astray by the suggestions of cousins…..

Cousins who are usually up to do good…….

Remember the incident last year when I left my camera on the table for a short period of time and came back to find that SOMEONE had used it…..


Used it to take pictures that cannot be shown on the internet.

This year I thought that I would just be careful about where I left my camera. I did not want a repetition of last year. My retinas have really never recovered.

I was not clever enough I am afraid.




  1. The look of innocents ..... that's what I see!

    -your FAVORITE cousin

  2. You *do* know what next year's goofy family group shot is going to be now, don't you? ;-)

  3. Yeah, I left my camera unattended once. Luckily it was just goofy faces that showed


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