Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Completely Forgot!!!!

Dang it November you snuck up on me! Blame it on my crazy schedule. Blame in on Hurricane Sandy. Blame it on the election. Blame it on my poor little brain that has holes in it the size of Azerbijan.

I really just wanted to spell Azerbijan while slowly saying it. Ahhhhh-zer-buy-zhaaaaaan

Well now that I have gotten THAT out of my system let’s get back to the point. I think there was a point. I know there was one when I sat down here. Maybe I should stop drinking my wine for the time being.

You know what November brings don’t you? Besides deep fried turkey skin that is.

November brings……..NaBloPoMo!!!!!

Yes, it is that time of year again when I attempt to remember to blog every single day. Day in and day out. And I almost failed the test the very first day because I didn’t remember that today was the first day of November.

Well come to think of it that isn’t strictly true because I did remember to change my blog header to the one that I made for the month of November. But then I went on my merry way trying to get through a huge to do list and I didn’t remember again until I sat down this evening to doodle away on the computer for a bit. And that is when it hit me like a wet sack of sand.

NaBloPoMo starts today! Good Golly Miss Molly. And I don’t have a thing to say. Nothing. Nada. No pithy comments. No insightful ditherings. Nothing. There are a number of stellar blog posts that are brewing but nothing that was fully baked.

But then of course I am really only half baked on the best of days.

Not a good beginning at all. But there you go, we all have to just pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and put something down on the virtual paper and here I am doing just that.

Why are your eyes looking so glazed?

And why are you yawning and slumping in your chair?

Am I boring you or something?

I will try to keep it to a minimum….all month long.


Alpha you are scaring me.

Oh and lest you think that I have an excess of energy or anything. The picture above…..I was too lazy to go and find the iPhone to download it from there, I took it this afternoon. So I just pulled it off of my OWN Facebook page and stuck it in here.

Pathetic. Lets just hope that I can do better for the rest of the month.



  1. Visiting from NaBloPoMo! It's my first year and the thought of every day posting is daunting! But I think it will be fun too, if like you, I can remember to do it! Haha. Cute doggy.

  2. I did it last year, but not this time. I'm glad you'll be blogging every day, though! more fun stuff to read!

  3. Hi there! Just clicked on your link from the NaBloPoMo soup list. Looking forward to reading more!


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