Sunday, November 4, 2012

OH My Achin’ Back.

We live in the woods. I might have mentioned that before. My brain is a tired and weary thing today and I just don’t have the energy to go and look for the particular posts so you will just have to take my word for it. We have a boat load of trees. And in the Fall trees drop their leaves.

Wantonly drop their leaves, like a stripper in a low class Vegas joint. Leaves everywhere. Usually HHBL and I have to “do the leaves” three times over the course of the Fall. It isn’t all that bad a job, just time consuming and hard on the hands, holding the leaf blower for hours on end.

But that is when we don’t have a hurricane that blows all the remaining leaves off in the space of one day and then rains on them for a week straight. That is a bad thing. Bad, bad, bad. That means one thing….waterlogged leaves. Waterlogged leaves just laying there and congealing on the lawn and smothering the grass. That is what we had to deal with yesterday afternoon.

My body is just too old for hours of blowing and raking very wet leaves. I started out with the blower because, well, I like that thing a whole lot. It gives me a feeling of power and mastery over the leaves. They do what I tell them to do and go where I tell them to go. But not yesterday.

Yesterday the leaves just sort of laid there in a wet and packed down manner and didn’t go very far. Oh they blew a bit, they could be moved. But not without great and considerable effort. And once you had a good sized pile of them then there was no more moving with the blower. You had to rake them.

Can I tell you how much my back hurt last night. And this morning. And right now.

Oh, and we didn’t even get all the leaves done. We still have to move the leaves that are covering the back yard and the side yard and in the flower garden.

I need more ibuprophen.

I am a whiner.


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