Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday


Many years ago I read an article in Yankee Magazine about a young mom who every year bought a new set of dishes at a garage sale. She tried to find the loveliest ones that she could, often with input from her young children. Then during the course of the year the family used the dishes with abandon. It didn’t matter if something was broken because despite the beauty of the dishes, they had come from a garage sale and could be spared. And after all they were just dishes. When the next year’s garage sale season came around she bought a new set and donated what was left over of last years set to the local thrift store.

That is how I feel about wine glasses. This is a representation of some of the glasses I just bought from the thrift store. There are 4 of them. They are now mixed in with the glasses that remain from a set I bought last year at Walmart as well as some wine glasses that The Chef gave me a few years ago. I am very hard on wine glasses so I just add some every year to my selection and hope for the best.

And for some reason my mis-matched set of wine glasses just makes me happy.

P.S. - Please ignore the dirty windows. I just haven’t gotten around to cleaning them yet…….maybe in the Spring

P.P.S. – I took a drink of the cider in the glass after I had finished taking the photo. I believe I am now in the process of making Hard Cider if the taste can be believed. Zippety Do Dah!


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