Thursday, November 15, 2012

And So It Begins


The deck furniture is put away. The leaves are down. I saw snow this week. That means it is time to put the McGyvered bird feeder up on the deck.

And so begins the yearly battle with the squirrels. The feeder has been on the deck since last Saturday. The birds found it almost immediately and have been happily zooming in and out.

The squirrels arrived yesterday. They aren’t quite as bright.


Hey!! I resemble that remark!

You see, even though I have a “squirrel baffle” on the bird feeder pole, if the bird feeder isn’t placed correctly on the deck then the squirrels can get to it by jumping from the railing onto the feeder itself.


Bird feeder! And she just filled it up with seeds. SWEET! I bet I can get to it from here.


All I have to do is get a running start at it and I will be sittin’ pretty midst the seeds. Full belly here I come.


Line myself up. Pull back to leap. And…….


DANG IT she let the dog out!!!!!



So far I am winning the war. And I have opposable thumbs so I AM going to keep winning.

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  1. You made me snort. "Who let the dog out? Who let the dog out?" You go, girl.


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