Saturday, November 17, 2012

In Which I Thank The Lord For Wool

November brings many things. Leaves on the grass. Cold temperatures. Severe turkey coma. And in many towns November also brings High School football playoffs. State football has hit our town again this year. HHBL and I went to the Division 2 Regionals last night as the high school football team in our town, The Greenmen, were playing. The game was in the next town over from ours so we went as we hadn’t been able to make it to any of the regular season games this year.

I debated for a bit as to what to wear, or to be more accurate, how many layers to wear. When we walked out of Chez Knit the temperature was hovering around 40F but the sun had gone down and the night was clear and that meant that it would be cold.

Hmmmmmmmmm. I finally decided just to bundle up.

Nice heavy Cleveland Indians jacket and quilted vest?  Check!

Wool hat?  Check!

Wool scarf?  Check!

Wool mittens?  Check!

TWO pair of lovely wool socks and my boots? Check and double check!

But I forgot one thing. I forgot a blanket for us to sit on. There were lovely bleachers in a great and modern stadium……lovely metal bleachers…..and the temp was taking a tumble.

Oh Mother of ALL that is HOLY I wanted to weep when I sat down for the first time and realized that all my planning had not taken into account cold metal bleachers.

Can I just tell you that my lady parts have NEVER and I mean NEVER been so cold.

Aurora football

Thank goodness we won the game. Otherwise my frost bitten bahookie would have been sacrificed for nothing.

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  1. And I was complaining that it was 59 when I woke this morning!


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