Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well today is officially the first day of Spring here at Chez Knit.

Of course we never really had winter here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio this year so Spring almost seems like an anticlimax.


But I have had a little touch of Spring sitting on my window sill for the last several weeks that has been bringing me multiple smiles.


HHBL and I attended a luncheon at church a few weeks back and all the ladies got to take home a pot of flowers. I made a grab for the tulips.

You see, I cannot plant tulips here at Chez Knit. They are lovely and delicate and the deer absolutely LOVE them. The tulip will come up and grow and be about one day away from blooming and then…

BANG! A flower stalk and leaves but the bud is gone. I finally just gave up even trying. So when I am offered the opportunity to have tulips around the house I grab them.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hope your first day of Spring is great!


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