Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grandma’s Bible

I just had to show you this. It is so sweet.

I have been going through some boxes of books and things. And I found my Grandma Pringle’s bible. I knew I had it but I hadn’t really taken a look at it.


I pulled it out of the box that it was in and set it aside for a bit and as I did I noticed that there was what looked like a red slip of paper that was sticking out of it.


Hmmm. I have had this bible on my shelves for a while and I know I never saw that in there before.


Well it is obviously a valentine meant for Grandma. But the writing on the doily is my Grandmother’s, however the valentine is addressed to her. And it looks like something that she would have produced.


It was so my Grandma Pringle to make a valentine with a paper doily and some construction paper. I have more than one of these put away in my “memories” box. But I still couldn’t figure out why it was addressed in her hand writing and yet was a valentine meant for her not from her.


And then I opened the card up and saw the writing on the front of a folded white piece of paper and I understood. This would have been the last Valentine’s Day note that Grandpa Pringle ever wrote to Grandma. He went home to be with the Lord in 1992, late in the year. I am assuming that Grandma put the note into this card and then stuck it in her bible.


I think this because when you open up the folded piece of paper there is my grandfather’s handwriting. And this is what it says.

My Dear Valentine-
     I praise the Lord that He brought us together over 50 years ago. I remember well standing there in the church with brother Gerald hearing me say “I Would” to the question the Pastor asked. And today I still say I Will.
                                                                                                   Lovingly, Glenn


I am just slayed.


  1. Tears. Thank you for sharing that precious red piece of paper.

  2. Glenn and Lucile were two very special and Godly people . . . instrumental in our own lives, and often times one or the other comes to mind as we walk through our daily tasks.


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