Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 157)


Yes, it is that time again. Friday at Chez Knit. Where I blather on wax eloquent about the small events of my week that I cannot manage to stretch into an entire blog post no matter how I try. You can thank me later.

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Bring on the BLATHER!

It is hard to believe but LaurenLeap and I are beginning to think and talk and plan the 2012 garden. I am sure that we will be growing some of the old favorites like tomatoes, beans, sunflowers, lettuce, spinach, beets, basil, zucchini and other old favorites.

The new members of the garden this year will be potatoes. Can I tell you how excited about the thought of home grown new potatoes with butter and a bit of salt.

Oh be still my beating heart.

Be prepared for multitudinous posts on the garden. I am itching to get some dirt under my fingernails.

The walk this morning started out in the beautiful sunshine. Fabulous sunrise. Not windy. Birdies singing.

Within 30 minutes the sun was gone, the wind had arrived, and it was snowing like a blizzard.

Ridiculous. I don’t know whether to be warm or cold.

Happy or shaking my fist at the weather and yelling imprecations.

I have the amazing ability to whine about anything!

Dot if you are reading this look away. You don’t want to know what I do when I go out on a photo shoot for you.

No, don’t worry it isn’t anything bad. I am a professional after all. I just have this “photo” obsession habit. I do this only for myself. NO ONE ever sees these pictures……..




I take a picture of myself taking a picture of myself.

I need a serious intervention.

Or maybe I should just title this special, personal project

Self Portrait in 40 Bathrooms

I follow too many blogs.

There, I have said it.

Every day I sit down and think I will get through all the blogs that I need/want to read and every day it is the same thing


Recently I did go through and unsubscribe to blogs that hadn’t been updated in more than 4 months. I felt tremendous guilt but I did it any ways. Of course that didn’t help all that much because it isn’t the blogs that DON’T post that fill up my feeder. It is the blogs that do post that are overwhelming me.

And yet I cannot unsubscribe.

Because I want to read all of them.

What if I unsubscribe and then I want to resubscribe and I cannot find them again?? What if they write the most awesome, life changing post and I miss it?? What if, for once, I might have a chance of winning a give away and that is lost??


We all know that I cling to my gray hair like the government clings to the Chevy Volt. With tenacity. Without thought or reason.

But it is another matter entirely when it comes to gray hair in the old eyebrows.


Gray hair in the eyebrows makes me think of Andy Rooney.

Or worse yet….Gandalf!

And so those I pluck with great fierceness and vigor.

So far I hold back the tide but I am not sure what I will do when the gray hair to brown hair ratio tips to more gray.

Do they make a Grecian Formula just for eyebrows?

I have absolutely nothing to say for number 6.




I lead a boring existence.

Moving on.

And now, as has become my Friday custom, a few pictures from the ipod. I always think that I will put them into some kind of collage but then I couldn’t give commentary and I know you would be sad about that.


For those of you who are knitters you will understand this. I have a ball winder but no swift. Necessity is the mother of invention. Thank goodness for large cans of pumpkin.

These are my best friend for winter walking. Yak Trax. They are rock solid on ice and a bit of snow. I knew you were wondering.

We walked in a skiff of snow on Monday. This paw print was HUGE. At first we were all, “Is that a BEAR print?” But it isn’t because black bears, surprisingly, have 5 toes. I think it was from a large coyote…..I hope.

I would like to go inside Alpha.

Sunrise this morning over the lake.

Of course, since I have been so diligent to take my ipod with me on the morning walks I haven’t seen the beaver again. But hope springs eternal.


  1. Re #4-- You could simply bookmark (in your brouser)the blogs you're about to unsubscribe to. Put them all in a folder labeled something brilliant like "Blogs I might want to find again someday".

    Then, if you wake at 3 am or whatever with an utterly irresistible urge to check out what so-and-so has said recently, it doesn't take long to find the blog. Assuming, of course, you remember the name of the blog . . .

  2. Come to our house and you might see beaver--they really are a nuisance.

  3. You are a refreshing bite of honest reality. When I feel the omnipresent crush of stress, I come here to be calmed. All is good here - and often spiced with witty humor to cut the weight of the day. I offer my humble thanks!


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