Monday, March 5, 2012

Shelob Lives In My Basement

I might have mentioned before that Chez Knit is situated in the woods.

Boy howdy did we know it Friday night when the wind was hurricane force and making the trees groan and creak in protest.

The woods bring with them some unwanted things.


Mice would be the first thing that comes to mind.


And then of course there are the various varmints that we see.

Mommy is that raccoon in a cage? Did they let the raccoon out of the cage?

Look away honey! Look away.

And just as a point of order here. Once we had trapped the raccoon we had no other choice but to send him on to that big garbage dump in the sky. We have a big problem with rabies in this area, and many raccoons carry the disease. Once trapped they must be destroyed. I had no problem complying with that law.


And of course there are always these marauders from the woods lovely woodland creatures.

Who me? Yes I am lovely. I am a buck did you notice? I have antler buds. I will grow up to propagate with my harem and we will make babies and bring joy. Aren’t you glad. Do you happen to have some more hosta? I am very hungry.

But the things that I hate the most. The creatures that fill me with loathing and the desire to run away to the safest corner of my house.




Look Teddy, Mr. Spider.

And in particular I hate these gigantic ones that seem to crop up in my basement in droves.

Ask HHBL how I reacted upon finding a bunch of them stationed at various points along the baseboards. It wasn’t pretty I can tell you. And it might have involved the waving of arms and the stomping of feet and a bit of screaming, the employment of the shop vac and perhaps a word or two that cannot be shared here as this is a family blog.

I’m just sayin’


This spider happens to be dead. If he wasn’t you can bet your bottom arachnid dollar that I wouldn’t have been laying on the floor up close and personal just to take a picture.

There are some things that are beyond even me.

I mean look at it! Look at those little beady death filled eyes. Please try to ignore the cat hair that still seems to be a permanent part of the carpeting and just look at the eyes. They are evil and filled with malice.

I hate spiders.


  1. Coincidentally, one of my cats caught a mouse over the weekend. I heard growling and went downstairs to find Oreo not willing to share his new "toy" with Panda. He was having a ball batting it around and throwing it into the air. That's a goooood kitty!!

  2. We always called those brown mice "country mice" and I always thought they were prettier than the ordinary gray ones. Pretty! Imagine that!

    Raccoons can carry distemper, too. They removed 5 last week from our little town.

  3. Yeah, I feel your pain. Molly's left me mouse gifts on the bed. I'm with you though; I can deal with those more than I can spiders. I don't know that I could have even gotten down on the floor with a dead one for a picture like you did. Nasty hairy legs, fat bulbous bodies. Gross, gross, gross. No bat issues??


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