Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March is a Tad Psychotic

You just never know what you are going to get in March when it comes to weather here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio.

Such confusion.

Rain – thunder – lightening – 65F – wind – 22F – snow – sun – clouds – hail.

These are all the things that we have experienced since March arrived and it is only 7 days in.

On Sunday it was like a blizzard.


My poor daffodils don’t know whether to keep growing or to pack it up and move to a warmer climate.


The Autumn Joy from last year at least looks like it is happy with it’s snow cap.

And the deer! Oh the deer. It is just about time for the new babies to be born so the expectant mommas have given the old cloven hoof to the two year olds to shoo them out of the nest.


Notice that the four footed pains in my arse deer are not eating the daffodils. Nope, not a bit. That is because they don’t like them.

But it doesn’t seem to stop them from grazing on anything else that comes within their greedy little venison lips.


Alpha did you say deer? I love deer. I love to bark at them. I love to chase them. I will protect you. The deer are bad. Where are the deer? You said deer. I love deer.

These pictures were taken on Sunday.

But today? Today I see blue sky and the temperature is 65F.

And then by Friday it will be back into the 30’s. And then it is supposed to go up into the 50’s.

My weather needs serious psychological help.


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