Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 158)

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Here we are again. Another blather filled Friday. I can feel your excitement through the internet. Remember, click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my growing addiction to The Tudors, over to Conversion Diary.

Thou may now blather.
I have a new camera strap. Or rather I have a new COVERING for my camera strap.

Yes, I knit myself a camera strap. Believe me, it wasn’t my original idea. My Knit Sib Jessica knit one for herself recently and I was green with envy.

It took a whopping two days to complete. Total potato chip knitting. Just my kind of project. And oh does it feel good on the back of my neck.

I have discovered a love of Gregorian Chant. So soothing. So comforting.

I really should say that I have “re-discovered” I love of that form of music. I grew up listening to many forms of music including Gregorian. But then my Auntie Sue came to live with us for her college years. She was a music major. She had to listen to and analyze Gregorian chants. All. Night. Long. Or so it seemed to me. And I vowed I would never listen to that “stuff” again.

But then a while back I heard a piece by Hildegard von Bingen and I was hooked. It is perfect background music for reading or writing or blogging or photo editing.

Love it.

The dawgonne dear are really getting on my last nerve. 


This is what I saw, in broad daylight mind you, when I looked out my window the other morning.


Dang it! Stay out of my yard!!

And because of these obnoxious quadrapeds I have had to start spraying with the stuff that smells like a vomitorium a bit earlier than I had planned.

So, I hadn’t opened any of the jars of pickled beets that I put away last fall. There weren’t all that many jars and I have sort of been saving them.

So I opened a jar last week to put some of the beets on a salad.

I did not put enough sugar in the syrup.


Holy pucker puss Batman! I am seriously thinking about opening the jars up, re-boiling the syrup with some more sugar and then just keeping the jars in the frig.

Because they are just not really eatable otherwise.

And I do love pickled beets.

Wednesday started out great. LaurenLeap and I spent several hours in the garden. Yes The Garden! I will tell you about it next week I think.

The weather was beautiful. The sky was cloudless. The temp was 70F!!! Fabulous

But the afternoon was not so good.

Why you ask? Well I will tell you…..

I was editing some photos when all of a sudden. FFFFFFFRRRRRRT!
Computer froze. Screen went wonky. Not good. Trying not to panic. Reboot in safe mode, shut down. Reboot…still problems. Rinse and repeat. HHBL came home and worked on it even though he had a BOAT LOAD of work to do himself. I love him. Defragged the hard drive. Fiddled with some things. That helped the whole freezing thing but…….

This is what has happened to the screen.


Yes, we believe that the video card is shot. Kaput. Finished. Done. Gone to Jersey.

And I am loath to admit that when HHBL finally said the dreaded words, “Well, I have done everything I can to fix this but it is beyond me” (which means death because he can fix most all computer problems)……

I had a slight melt down which might have involved great heaving sobs and some lamentations.

Poor HHBL.

Now the decision is….Do I get another computer since the lap top is about 4 years old. Or do I just fix this one. The current thought is to get a nice big powerful desk top with a big screen since I do so much photo editing now.

Decision, decisions.

And let me tell you that those green lines are REALLY distracting.

The weather this week! BIG rain but so much lovely warm weather. And the weatherman is saying that next week brings more temps in the 70sF. I had the screen door open yesterday and the window open on Wednesday night.

And Holy Cow Andy the coyotes were singing on Wednesday night. It made me want to break out into a chorus of “Home, Home On The Range”.

I restrained myself.

Just barely.

And as has become my usual. Here are some pictures from “Dahling” the ipod.

This was the sunrise LAST Friday before Daylight Savings Time.

This is the sunrise taken at the same place at the same time on Monday morning AFTER Daylight Savings Time.

But by the end of the walk it was starting to be beautiful.

Sandy’s dog, Ben, fearlessly leads the way……back to the car. The rest of the time he walks behind us and “herds” us along.

Alpha may I PLEASE go on the walk with you? PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease!

Yes you may


  1. Deer are so graceful and beautiful that I just can't think of them as a nuisance. Of course, they are not in my yard either.

    1. Oh there is no doubt that deer are graceful. They gracefully sheer my hosta off at the ground and eat all my day lilies.


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