Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ola! Buenos Dias!


Did you figure it out?

Did you guess?

I might, just might have been….

Out of town.

Way out of town. South American out of town.

Like maybe Peru out of town. For 10 days no less.

Yes, we were in Peru visiting the in-laws. Taking in the local color. Enjoying the sunsets. Eating fish every single day (sometimes TWICE a day) and drinking Cusquena Beer. Hanging at the beach. Having lunch with Rita, whose father-in-law was a President of Peru many years ago. She was HILARIOUS. Fending off multiple people who wanted to sell me a hat or a bag or a bottle of water or any number of useful tourist items. Buying alpaca yarn in the morning and eating alpaca for dinner…all on the same day.  And then there were the fellows who felt that HHBL’s running shoes needed a spit and polish shine.

Ummmmm, Gracias no.

And we might have visited this place as well.


Oh yes, Machu Picchu. Believe me when I tell you that it lived up to everything that people say about it. Including the fact that there are a lot of steps. A Lot. Many skinny little uneven steps. Diana you are going to LOVE it.

I have SO much to tell you. And I might have a picture or one thousand to show you. And I might have bought some yarn while I was there. Hmmmmm. It might have been enough yarn that I had to actually carry it home in it’s own bag because I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase for it. Maybe.

Oh and I am trying to think of how to tell you about the hairy, audacious, praying for safety, eye popping, masterful, underwear dirtying taxi ride we had from the in-laws condo to the Lima airport in order to make our flight back to the States. I am still recovering.

Rules of the road? Who needs rules of the road. Evidently Jose’s cousin didn’t and neither did anyone else on the road Monday evening.

You are going to be so sick of hearing about Peru.

But first I have to climb out from under the mountain of laundry and try to get my mojo back. My motivation seems to have decided to remain on vacation.

Darn motivation.



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