Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peyton Place Turkey Style

I love the things I see as I go about my daily, boring routine.

Finished ironing HHBL’s shirts.

Taking shirts upstairs.

Look out the windows as I go by. Hey! There are some turkeys out there.

And no, Congress wasn’t on my lawn. If they were then I have some things to say to them.

No turkeys. REAL turkeys. You know we have them around here. I have, perhaps, mentioned it before once or twice.

But little did I know, when I threw down the freshly ironed shirts and ran for my camera, that I was about to witness our own turkey version of Peyton Place.


Hey Girls! Whatcha doing? I’m new here. My name is Lola.


Hey who is that! What is she doing here? She is on our turf!


The nerve of some turkeys!


Come on girls! We are going to take care of this RIGHT NOW. No one comes onto our turf and talks turkey to us!


You get out of here Lola! We don’t want your kind around here.

Oh yeah! Whose going to make me? You and those other skraggly lookin’ hens?



There then proceeded to be screeching and pulling of feathers and invectives. It was not a pretty sight.

But then………

(cue Temptations music)


The males arrived. And the whole dynamic changed.


Ladies! Laaaaaaadies. No need to fight. There are enough of us to go around.

And then there was much strutting and shakin’ of tail feathers and gobbling. And those ladies……..

Well lets just say that they seemed to be a sucker for a pretty set of tail feathers.


Hey is that crazy lady taking pictures of us?

IMG_1827Move it along girls we have things to do and eggs to lay and chicks to make.

Chica wow, chica wow, chica wow wow!


  1. Wow! The drama!! Makes me wonder what goes on around here all day while I'm at work. Probably all sorts of animal soap operas. Oh well .... my dog will never tell.

  2. Hey, it looks like it's raining there. Is it really raining over by you? It sure looks like rain.

  3. @The Mom Chef- Rain. Oh yes do we have rain. It has rained 53 of the last 61 days.


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