Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 118)


Well here we are again. And what a week it has been. Remember, after you read my Chinese water torture Quick Takes, click on the pic above to be whisked, at the speed of our rapidly growing and currently unmowable grass, over to Conversion Diary.

Now on with the show.

What a week weather wise! We have twice gone to the basement as the tornado sirens blared. We have lived in this house going on 11 years and I can’t really remember the last time that we had the tornado siren go off. HHBL and I were watching the weather updates, which had preempted Jeopardy! for the love of Pete, and when they said that if you lived in Aurora you should go to the basement RIGHT NOW we looked at each other, looked outside….

And went to the basement.

I sat in the bathroom down there with my fierce dog Max the Magnificent and tweeted. HHBL kept a look out until it was all clear.

That was on Monday night. Then last night, when we happened to have an overnight guest we had to go to the basement again!

I turned to Dan(the guest) and said, “We really know how to show our guests a good time don’t we!”

But of course, our small troubles with rain and pesky tornado sirens pale in comparison to what has gone on in Joplin. If you want to have a first hand account of what is going on you might go over to This Heavenly Life where Sarah is living in the midst of that.

I am dealing with severe “knitting startitis” around here at Chez Knit. I know, I know unless you are a knitter you could care less about the fact that I have a number of projects on the needles but have a bunch more that I want to start.

When I took up knitting again 4 years ago I swore to myself that I would be a monogamous knitter. One project at a time.

Yeah right.

Knitters were not made to be monogamous.

You see I got some of this recently, Knitpicks Chroma

New EngladRollerskateAnd I am dying to start something with either colorway.


Working to restrain myself.

I may fail utterly and cast on this weekend. 

Why is it that when Summer is just around the corner I feel like I want to spend every day, all day reading?

Maybe it is because that is what I used to do every day all day every summer.

Read in bed til 2a.

Read in the hammock.

Read on the couch.

Read on the dock.

Every year when May rolls around I just want to spend hours and hours reading.

As long as the house is clean and the garden weeded I suppose I could occasionally do that.

And I would bet that this is going to end up being a longer blog post because my brain is swirling with ideas about it.


I meant to add this picture to yesterday’s Pictures From The Crypt Ad Infinitum but forgot. Why do I look so pale and ill?

I had just sampled poi for the first time. You can see my fingers clutching the small bowl that was filled with a lump of it.

Oh wow, yummy purple library paste that you eat with a spoon? Sign me right up.

A short P2P Update since my life is otherwise boring.

Miles for this week so far (this actually counts last Saturday’s ride as well): 35.51

And I have decided to name our ride routes. Today we did…

The Ascending Ant Hill of Doom.

I prayed a lot.

I whimpered a bit.

There was much heavy huffing and puffing.

Thankfully I did not ingest any bugs this time.

Tomorrow HHBL tells me that I will be accomplishing 12 miles.

Help me Rhonda

Dang it! The deer have nibbled a hosta. I realized it this morning as I was getting ready to mount Hi Ho Silver for the bike ride ritual.

I am going to have to spray today even though there is still the chance of rain. This cannot and will not be tolerated.

It is too early in the season for them to have free reign, not that I ever actually “give” them free reign. It is just that I get tired of spraying around September. And since we aren’t even anywhere close to having the day lilly blooms up yet I am going to break their eating habit.

Or break their legs, which I might find more satisfying at the moment.

Deer Rage!!

But I will have to spray during the day so that the smell dissipates somewhat before bed time. We sleep with the windows open for the most part from now until October and if I spray the deer deterrent late in the afternoon then that means that my bedroom will smell like a frat house after a weekend party.



It is amazing what I can find to do when I can’t figure out #7 for Quick Takes.

Look at Facebook.

Look at new knitting patterns book that I got from the Library.

Wander around Ravelry’s pattern files looking at the patterns from the aforementioned book to see what others have done.

Drink some coffee.

Look at the headlines for the day.

Look at my new yarn.

Watch the birds.

Send inane tweets of no merit.

Play a game of Bubble Shooter.

Curse Blogger who won’t let me sign on to my blog and won’t let me comment on other blogs.

Think about cleaning my office (now I KNOW I have writers block).

Finally give up and post.


  1. I gave Poi a try when I was in Hawaii many years ago...I think you have described it perfectly. I understand why you look pale and ill...I think I had the same expression on my face. :)

  2. #7 I had that same issue with #6 on mine. Ended up with an epiphany during the storm last night, it being Memorial Day weekend and all.

  3. #3 - read all day, is there a better occupation? I am asking myself lately, if I am reading for work, can I read at work? Books, books, books the best!

  4. Which deer spray do you use? I need to start spraying here, too, as the deer will soon be bringing the fawns around to share the salad bar and they must learn!

  5. @2 Tramps - I use Liquid Fence.

    @The Mom Chef- Your #6 was fabulous.


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