Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The Fourth Be With You

Do you know what today is?

It is National Star Wars Day!

You know….”May the Fourth be with you”

Get it?

Star Wars?


Oh how I loved Star Wars, and still do. When the first one came out, that heady summer of 1977, I went to see it 6 times. Six. Times. I could, and still can, say all the dialogue. The sound track was the first record that I purchase after buying my very first stereo. I played it over and over and over and over.

And then there was The Empire Strikes Back which in my opinion is the best of the three. Papa (my parental unit) was a physician and he had a patient who had….a bootleg copy of the movie on a VHS tape. I don’t know how she obtained it. I didn’t ask. It wasn’t very good quality but that really didn’t matter to me. I was allowed to borrow it for about 2 weeks I think and I watched it every single day. The whole thing. Every day. Oh Han! Oh Leia!

I love you!

I know.


And then finally there was Return of the Jedi when all of the loose ends were tied up. We always knew that Leia and Han loved each other and would be together forever. That the Emperor would get his just comeuppance. That there was some good in Darth Vader. That the Ewoks were totally and completely annoying but had to be put up with.

IMG_9070AStar Wars has dogs in it right?  

But you might be asking yourself: Deb, what about Star Wars I, II and III? You know, those “prequel” movies that George Lucas did?

And my response to that would be that those three movies are stinking piles of steaming doo doo and we don’t talk about them here at Chez Knit. We only watch them when we need to be reminded about what truly bad movie making is and how George Lucas should NEVER be allowed to write dialogue. And also when I need a real laugh at bad acting. I own them because the set would be incomplete without them but that doesn’t mean that I ever watch them.

And don’t even get Cartoon Girl going on the subject of the digital “enhancement” of the original movies. Sheesh! We talk a lot about movies she and I.

And now I will go and knit and watch the beauty that is Star Wars. May the Fourth be with you! And just to give you a little Star Wars boost to your day watch the video below.



  1. DEBBIE! I did not know we had this in common! I saw Star Wars at least ten times that summer. I kept taking people back to see it, and then it was at the Tyler drive-in. We would go in that old red Dodge convertible (did you ever see that car?) and sit on the back with kazoos and (sing? hum? kazoo? what is the verb from of playing a kazoo?) to the Star Wars theme song. When I was in my twenties, I had a terrible time with insomnia, and I would get up in the middle of the night and watch Star Wars. COMPLETELY agree about the SO-CALLED I, II and III.

    Do or do not. There is no try.
    I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.
    Boring conversation anyway.

  2. I saw the first one 26 times (it was the only movie playing in the Eagle River theater all summer and I was there all summer). I adored that movie. :)

  3. @Barb- That was the summer that I worked at Pine Cove so I saw it repeatedly in Tyler. And yes, I do remember the red convertible.

    But I'm not scared!

    Oh, you will be. You will be.

  4. Oh I looooooved Luke Skywalker! I don't know how many times I saw that movie. I was crushed when my son thought they should be seen in their 'new order'. NO! You can't know who Darth Vader is! You have to feel it like the rest of us did way back when! By the way, his name is Luke! :)

  5. I went so overboard on the original Star Wars! I was 10, started writing the book because I was sure no one had thought to write this down yet... Then my dad bought it for me and I read and reread it so much it broke in half.
    I can't stand the new ones and can't get past the first one with little Anikan...
    I was going to marry Luke...

  6. Boy oh boy, you really struck a chord, Deb!
    Yet another thing I had no idea we had in common. I also lost track of how many times I saw least 8 or 9 times; in fact for some crazy reason, after I saw the first, I decided there needed to be a sequel and spent a good part of my summer writing about 80 pages of it. At least until my parents became concerned there was something wrong with me and stole my electric typewriter and threw me out into the pool. Said it wasn't normal. Oh yeah, and like you, listened to the soundtrack endlessly and even made up a theme song for one of my sequel's characters. Hint: she falls in love with Luke, and I thought I could play her in the movie G. Lucas would insist on making when he read my sequel.
    Ah, those were the days. Heady indeed.
    Oh yeah. Those prequels are super doo doo.


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