Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pictures From The Crypt Ad Infinitum

Guess what it is doing today…..


And sunshine

And rain again.

And we had tornado sirens last night for the second time in a week.

And because I am so discombubulated from all the running to the basement and scanning the skies I think we should look at some pictures from the past.

I apologize in advance. And if I have put any of these pictures up before then I doubly apologize.

I just like to inflict mental pain whenever I can.


I am sorry to say that I seem to have drool on my chin. And I am wearing some sort of sack.

And I have no hair.

Deb and Rob 13 &14

I just don’t know what to say about this one. It seems that I have a large red apple sewn onto my shirt above my left boob. Sorry, I said boob.

And of course this picture can also be add to the collection of “Pilot Man’s wild plaid pants” pictures. I will be bringing out a coffee table book of these later next year.


Wow. Can you say awkward teenage phase. Heaven forbid that I should go any place without jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a large purse and what looks to be textbooks. On vacation. In Florida.

Just call me Hermione Granger.

And don’t you love the way that we were artfully arranged to be looking, with GREAT interest I am sure, at the sign.


At first I thought this was a re-enactment of Gone With the Wind, with my parental units reprising the rolls of Rhett and Scarlett.

But for some reason Ben Franklin is also in the picture.

And a very tall Uncle Sam seems to be there as well.

I am so confused.

And it is a good thing that I live so far away cuz Mimi can’t get to me as easily now that I have put this picture up on the internet.


Boy do I look happy in this picture. I was going to crop it a bit closer but I was just too scared.

And get a load of Pilot Man’s pants!!!


That’s right, make the women do all the work.


I have no shame. No shame at all that I would inflict this picture on you.

And I also have no fashion sense at all if I would ever have worn that gosh awful bathing suit.

And what the HECK had I done to my hair.


Why am I on that horse? In shorts? With loafers on?

And obviously I hadn’t brushed my hair that year.


This is my Grandpa Pringle with his momma and several of his siblings. I seriously love this picture. It is just so Grandpa.

Who couldn’t love a man who was so secure in himself that he would wear a white shirt, tie, black socks and good shoes with……..SHORTS!!!


I am so sorry to do this to you. And I have absolutely no explanation for why Mary Beth Reeves and I are dressed up as psycho bunnies.

And I am just plain afraid to ask.


  1. I love your pics, especially their explanations. And BTW--we could hear those sirens again tonight. Gotta love NE Ohio

  2. What's weird is that these pictures are how I remember you. You and your bro don't look like this anymore?

  3. Your descriptions for all the photos are the best. I know when it is crypt time I'm going to get some chuckles! I really got a good laugh at you all ready for school while on vacation ~ looked like you were ready to step into the classroom!

    And your Grandpa was rocking that outfit too...I loved it! :)

  4. Love your grandpa pics! And your grumpy pics, too. :)
    You know, I was shopping with Bug yesterday, and she said, "Mommy, I'm so excited the styles look so 70s," and I must admit when she said that, I cringed.
    All I can say in our defense is, we didn't know any better.


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