Friday, May 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 116)


Well Friday is finally here and I am hoping that these post because….there might still be some issues with Blogger. But I am going to hit the “publish” button and hope for the best.

Well, we had a bit of sun the last few days and LookLeap and I were able to do a bit of gardening, not that you would know that because for some reason my blog post from yesterday isn’t showing up on the blog. But now the rain is back again, or will be starting tomorrow. I was supposed to go out and plant the onions today but that so isn’t going to happen after the amount of rain we got yesterday afternoon and evening.

This is just ridiculous.

We watched a fellow gardener spend a boat load of time rototilling his plot and then planting tomatoes. Too early for those sir!! Soil still is pretty cool. But it is his garden plot and he can do what he wants.

I wonder if anyone ever comes in and checks to make sure if the crops that people are growing are “legal”. NOT that I am thinking that LookLeap and I should grow anything “funny”.

I love the rhythm of summer around here, especially the early mornings. And really especially after rain. This morning it is as if the world is washed clean. The birds are singing. The woodpecker (of which we have MANY) is hammering on something in the woods. I can hear the turkeys. My landscaping looks nice and fresh (just thought I would throw that one in there).

I can hardly wait to go out and talk a short walk and then plant the last of my flowers. But I am having a hard time finding my favorite “elfin” impatiens. For some reason the place where I usually get them hasn’t had any so far. I will go to one more place and then I am going to have to break down and buy the regular ones because I have to get them in the ground before I can spread the mulch around them. That is happening TODAY so that this evening, baring another deluge that is, I am going to sit on my garden bench with a nice glass of wine and just soak in the peace and quiet.

Max thinks that is a really good idea.

Just as I predicted the landscapers, even though they tried not to, cut the line for Max’s Invisible Fence. It was really unavoidable considering where the line is and the fact that they had to edge the bed that it runs through.

I knew it had happened because the unit that is located in the garage started to beep in a most annoying manner.

But I am not going to have it repaired. The last time the line got cut….by a landscaper….I had the fence company come out to fix it and they charged me over $100 just to repair ONE break. It took them all of 15 minutes. No thank you.

Just don’t tell Max. Heck, he never wears his collar anyways.

That is because he is the smartest dog in the world.


Thank you Alpha Male!!!!

Look who came to the feeders this week!!!

An Indigo Bunting! I have better pictures but I want to play with them a bit. He (or possibly she?) was here several days running. I never know from day to day what kind of bird will show up. We are still seeing the Baltimore Orioles but they will be gone fairly soon I would think. And the Humming birds come early every morning and late every afternoon.

I just have to say that this 51 year old body just can’t do as much intensive gardening as in previous years. There is always so much to do first thing in the Spring and I am making good progress but it is slower than in past years. But if I keep on top of it in the Spring and then keep up the weeding, a bit at a time, every day, then I can handle it. And I even have time to go out and sit in the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet.

That is unless the turkeys are gobbling in the woods.

The problem with all the gardening that I am doing at the moment is that my hands are often just too tired and sore to knit in the evening and that is not making me all that happy. I have things that must be finished and I have projects that are just calling to be cast on.

I will just have to soldier on and work through the pain.

The knitting must go on!

Did you wonder why these are so late? Well that is because for the past 24 hours Blogger has been acting like a poop head. Sorry, I said poop. Yesterdays post, as of 2p today, was still AWOL. Probably took a vacation somewhere sunny.

I am just hoping that when I hit the “publish” button that it actually publishes this post. And I can’t possible imagine where yesterday’s post is although Blogger is indicating that all the missing posts will be returned unharmed and in their original condition without having to pay any ransom.

I will hope so.


  1. Oh, to have a 51 y/o body again. Thanks be for naproxen sodium and Cabernet Sauvignon,

  2. If you ever need help in growing the "funny" plants, just ask my mom. That's all I'm going to say about that. And I'll deny everything in a court of law.

  3. @Donald- Ibuprophen is my trusted friend. And a good Cab Sav as well.

    @The Mom Chef- Oh now you are going to HAVE to tell me about that reference.

  4. I'm so jealous that you're getting all the cool birds! I'm practically across the street from you. Why aren't they visiting my bird feeders?! :(

  5. yes i agree...hatin' on blogger right now. you said summer in your post. lucky you. it was 45 and rainy here today. i can't imagine it feeling like summer!


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