Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 117)


Here we are again, another week older. And time for another edition of 7 Quick Takes. Hope that you week was good. Just remember, after you have read my blatherings, to click on the pic above to be whisked, at the speed of my rising water table, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing.

Now, without further ado, the blathering.

We have a new mattress.

And the angels sang!

We bought it on Saturday, after our jaunt to the West Side Market. So Saturday was a very good day.

Our old mattress was just that, old, 11 years old to be exact. It was tired. We were tired when we slept on it because we didn’t sleep well. It was time to retire it.

And this new mattress……it is as different from the old mattress as concrete is different from fluffy clouds. And that is what it is like to sleep on this baby, like sleeping on fluffy clouds.

We had intended to get a mattress that was, perhaps, a pillow top. But what we ended up getting was something that is a combo of a pillow top and some other cushy thing. The sales woman had me at, “Well if you like that one you might like this one even better.” She was wily alright. Upsold us successfully. The mattress itself is about 16 inches thick and I feel like I am climbing up onto it when I go to bed. Oh but when I get in bed it just wraps around me and welcomes me home.


Can I just tell you that I am sick of rain. I might have mentioned it before. And when I say something like that then you know it has been bad because I  generally love rainy days.


When you have had rain 53 of the last 62 days then rain gets to be a bit old. Just a bit.

I am beginning to have great sympathy for Noah. And I am very glad that my house sits way up high.

So today we are supposed to have some sunshine. And tomorrow too which is good because we have company coming for dinner and I would actually like to eat out on the deck.

But then the rain comes back on Sunday.

I finished my momma’s birthday present yesterday. I made her……….

You didn’t really think that I would tell you what I made did you? Hello, she reads the blog.

Hi Mom.

I will show you what I made later. Until then you will just have to be content with me telling you that it turned out fabulously and now I need one for myself.

I am waiting this morning for Volunteers of America to come and empty out my garage of a boatload of stuff that I have been accumulating to donate. And then we will have that garage bay back. It has been gradually filling with stuff for about 6 months and I am tired of seeing all of it. And then we can move the bikes into that space so that I am not constantly moving them to get out the side door or down to the basement.

And it will just feel really good to get rid of more stuff.

But there is still too much stuff.

All my landscape beds now have a lovely new layer of mulch. They are happy. I am happy. And for the first time someone else spread all the mulch.

And that makes me VERY happy.

Oh and they edged all the beds which makes me even more happy because….I am really, really bad at edging beds. I will get half way through one and go….

FORGET THIS! These beds can just look raggedy.

However, they seemed to have avoided the poison ivy in the front bed.

But that is what Roundup is for.

I am trying to build more time into my schedule for reading. I have a hard time just sitting down for hours in the middle of the day to read. Something about my brain thinking that I should be doing something else that is more “constructive”. But I am now just telling my brain to shut up and go with the reading flow.

And I am plowing through books. 50 so far this year.

And I am happy.

I am in training.

Training for what you might ask.


I am crazy. I am crazy. I am crazy.

I didn’t ride my bike at all last year. Not one mile. Not even one half mile.

And I am adverse to pain and sweat and anything that takes me aweay from sitting on my big fat bahookie all day eating bon bons and watching my “stories”.

But HHBL is my trainer and he thinks I can do this. Or at least he hasn’t laughed in my face and walked away when I expressed interest.

I did 5 miles yesterday. And I am doing 10 miles tomorrow.

I am crazy.


  1. #3 - Hi Mrs. A! Early Happy Birthday!

    #6 - Bravo on 50 books! I have trouble reading in the afternoon too. It's what I do for about an hour before turning out the light at night so it's hard to think about doing it any other time.

  2. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around #7, which is why I didn't comment on it, just so you know. WOW

  3. Congrats on your biking and reading! I'm jealous! I haven't touched either one in a long long time. I checked out a book last week and it sits...


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