Monday, January 31, 2011

The Noodle is Twenty

I cannot believe it. It isn’t true. It can’t be so.

My youngest progeny turned 20 years old yesterday.

How can this be?

Only yesterday she was…..

She was…..

BethanyShe was this size. Just sleeping peacefully. Not disturbing anyone. With that wonderful, new baby smell. You just wanted to squeeze her tight. Only if you really did that stuff tended to come out at one or both ends.

Too much information?

Now Bethany Benny Boo Noodle Shoe Queen has left the ranks of teenagers. She is bright. She is smart as a whip. She loves math.

Wait a minute. She loves MATH. Is she really my child? She is actually a math major by CHOICE?


She has an absolutely wicked sense of humor that just slays me. She is always sending me band names that she has come up with. One of the latest ones is

And now………INADVERTENT NAPTIME!!!! Singing their hit single “Now You’ll Never Get To Sleep On Time.”

My favorite band name is still….Crispy Liver.

Shoe Queen has her own unique sense of style. And she does love her shoes. My back still aches from unpacking all the shoes she took to school.

She has a sunny disposition. Which masks her inner turmoil.

No really she doesn’t have inner turmoil. I just threw that in for dramatic effect.

She is the youngest of three but we do have a picture or two of her growing up years

Lets stroll down memory lane shall we……….

1991_Summer(rev 0) Either she is laughing or she is “working on a gift for Mommy”. I hope it was laughter.

1992_sleeping (rev 0)I am sorry but this picture just makes me melt.

image_7_9_2007-9(rev 0)I just want to squeeze her.

1995_Cottage__1_-1(rev 0)Look, even at an early age she was concerned with her shoes!

1996_Kindergarten_field_trip__3_(rev 0)Hey Life With Riley, is that middle child one of yours? Looks like it but I am not sure.

image_19_1_2007-17(rev 0)   HP & GOF3   Harry Potter anyone?
IMG_5898IMG_7624  IMG_8549 IMG_7801_1 IMG_0218 Beth graduation 5 EZMIMG_8400AIMG_1113Happy 20th Birthday Noodie Poodie. Love you tons!  


  1. Bethany's birth is the only one I remember of the three girls... I was on the stairs on the way down for breakfast when mom yelled up that Debbie had the baby and it was a girl. I knew we'd be friends with our similar birth order and all. We were abused in many of the same ways.

    She's a keeper!

    Happy Birthday, Bethany!

  2. I can't imagine Peanut turning 20.

    Happy Birthday Noodle!

    Wait a minute.... did you say MATH major???!!!

  3. So cute! My baby girl turns 22 this month. She'll always be my baby though even though she isn't technically the youngest in the family.

    Are you supposed to get the blizzard that we're bracing for here in Indiana? I call it Thundersnowpocolypseageddon. (I explain that at my blog! lol)

  4. Happy birthday to your Shoe Queen!

    I am so glad to hear that we are not the only weirdos who do the random band names game. It's reassuring. :-)
    (Not that YOU guys are weirdos, but that we are...let me be clear. )

  5. What a great Birthday tribute! Happy birthday to Bethany!


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