Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in Review Pictorially

Yes, I know that it is 2011. I am just stuck in the past today. I can’t let go of last year for some reason. There is unfinished business between 2010 and I. And so I think we will review last year in pictures. I did this for 2009 and I liked it so much that I will do it again.

Try to contain your excitement. Go make a cup of java, sit back and relax. This won’t hurt a bit. Just don’t leave me.


So lets look back at 2010 shall we……..

IMG_0317AIMG_0444There might have been some baseball. And HHBL didn’t break anything for the second year in a row. And they were the champions. It was good.

IMG_8701IMG_8712AWe might have gone to the Geauga County Fair and viewed more than our fair share of cow butts and then ate egregiously large amounts of things that contained fat and sugar and grease. I am still working off the onion rings.

IMG_7222AIMG_7233A IMG_7244HHBL and I gave ourselves the gift of a book of lawn tickets for Blossom Music Center. That was our “staycation” this year. We were able to hear some awesome music…and some not so awesome music (who knew that I could EVER be disappointed in YoYo Ma!). We saw some beautiful sunsets. And we got to spend July 3rd with 15,000 of our closets friends. I HATE crowds but the music made up for all the people. 

 IMG_8400 IMG_1069 We were able to spend time with the progeny and their friends. I live for these moments. 

 IMG_4707AIMG_4958A IMG_4809A IMG_4685AWe spent some time in Peru where we went to the horse races, went to the beach, drank more than our fair share of Pisco Sours and marveled at the craziness that is Lima traffic, where rules of the road are optional.

IMG_5138A IMG_5146A IMG_5128 IMG_5143A We also visited the parental units in Naples. We ate grouper and key lime pie and this was how I felt for a long time afterwards.

img_5890 Family pic img_5884A img_5875A We said goodbye to Grandma Amsler, knowing that our parting isn’t forever. How sweet will be our reunion in heaven. I am bringing my knitting.

 img_6123Aimg_6118Aimg_6217 We had a graduation. That is two down and one to go.

img_6624A img_6617B 0442 We had a wedding. It was exhausting. I had to wear a nice dress and the shoes of eventual phlanges death. It was so much fun!   

And there also might have been knitting and cooking and recipes and reading and Max eating butter and Max eating cake and Max eating Cinnamon Swirl bread and Max eating pot holders and threatening turkeys and not selling the house although we tried and so much more.

I am tired and already worried about what might happen this year. And here I thought I had a quiet year.


  1. What a great recap of the year! I look forward to a quiet year for 2011... At least I hope so!

  2. What a GREAT year. What I love is how family-heavy it is. Your foundation is so strong and stable that way. The abundance of smiles and laughing in those pictures speaks volumes as to the love in your family. It all made me warm. Happy 2011 my friend.

  3. The DRESS!!! Finally! You look great!

    Who's Max? ; )


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